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Mecklermedia "Call For Entries" for Fourth Annual Internet World Industry Awards


Mecklermedia Corporation announced a "Call for Entries" for the fourth annual Internet World Industry Awards to be presented at Spring Internet World '97 in Los Angeles, California on March 14, 1997. "The Internet World Industry Awards are the oldest and most prestigious in the Internet industry," commented Meckler, "and this year's awards will continue the tradition of honoring those whose contributions have been significant in shaping the Internet." Presented annually at the Spring Internet World Conference and Exhibition to recognize excellence in a broad range of categories, the awards will be presented for "Outstanding Business Hardware Product," for "Outstanding Consumer Hardware Product," "Outstanding Business Software Product," Outstanding Consumer Software Product," "Outstanding Service," "Individual Achievement," and "Best of the Internet." The etched crystal awards are designed by Tiffany & Co. Winners will be selected by a committee of editors from Internet World magazine, chaired by editor-in-chief Michael Neubarth. Award nominations will be accepted from Internet World readers and the Internet community at large, and can be submitted at Mecklermedia's iWORLD Web site , direct URL for nominations . Deadline for nominations is January 31, 1997. "First presented in 1994, the Internet's first-ever honors have been awarded to companies and individuals whose efforts have truly changed the way we use the Internet," observed Neubarth, " and we anticipate that this year's winners will once again represent the cutting edge of Internet innovations."

Last yearís winners included Progressive Networksí RealAudio for "Outstanding Software Product;" MicroTouch Systemsí WebStation for "Outstanding Hardware Product;" AltaVista for Digital Equipment Corp. in the category "Outstanding Service;" The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for its challenge to the Communications Decency Act in the category "Excellence in Promotion of the Internet;" Sun Microsystems for Java for "Outstanding Achievement;" and Java from Sun Microsystems in the category "Best of the Internet."


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