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Media 100 qx Price Dropped by $1,000


The Multimedia Group, makers of the industry-leading Media 100 digital video system, today announced a $1,000 decrease in the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of Media 100 qx to $4,995 and Media 100 qx with component to $6,995 (in the United States).

Media 100 qx is the only digital video system with an anticipated street price less than $4,000 to provide broadcast-quality images with signal processing exclusively in the broadcast-industry standard YUV color space, 4:2:2 digital component.

Introduced in January 1996, Media 100 qx combines the power of the Vincent (TM) digital video engine's 3:1 JPEG compression with the QuickTime (R) - industry standard Adobe Premiere (R) video editing application, enabling the creation of programs with output image quality indistinguishable from that achieved using broadcast tape equipment.

"Through ongoing engineering and cost-reduction initiatives, as well as partnerships with leading developers like Adobe Systems, we are empowering a huge market of `new users' to join the formerly exclusive broadcast video club," said John Molinari. "Customers, from television networks to corporate communicators, graphic artists and educators, are all attracted by Media 100 qx's unique combination of quality and affordability."

Media 100 qx's Vincent digital video engine processes video signals exclusively in the broadcast-industry standard YUV color space, yielding image quality unattainable with graphics accelerator-based systems. Those systems introduce image degradation when converting video signals from native YUV color space to RGB color space for processing and back to YUV color space for a finished program.

"Media 100 qx not only delivers outstanding image quality, but also appreciably reduces the time required to author a program through the accelerated rendering of effects at 10-times real time," said Joyce Chung, senior product marketing manager for Premiere at Adobe Systems.

Media 100 qx version 1.1 supports accelerated rendering at 10-times real time for 23 effects within Adobe Premiere's Preview (TM) and Make Movie (TM) modes. Without the power of the Vincent digital video engine, rendering times are often in excess of 60-to-100 times real time. Following is a list of supported accelerated effects:

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