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Media Gallery Solution for Management of Stock Photo Libraries


If you own or administer a photographic library and are frustrated by the time it takes to locate, dispatch, and generally manage your images, searching for a more efficient way to manage your business and are on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market your images? The Media Gallery software may be a solution.

Media Gallery has been designed as a total business solution for the management of stock photographic libraries.

Major issues faced by the photo library are:

  • finding images that satisfy the client's criteria
  • managing the logistics of sending transparencies and duplicates to and receiving them back from clients: keeping track of where each transparency is, who's got it, when its due back, etc
  • managing the image sales process: which images are out on approval, which have been sold, how much they were sold for, what they were used for, are there any particular rights issues associated with the use of the image (ie client may have negotiated exclusive use over the image in a particular industry or geographical region), invoicing clients, calculating commissions on sale, making payments to contributors, etc
  • effectively marketing the images to clients - so much of the resource available within a typical photo library remains untouched because the market isn't aware of its existence.


Media Gallery is available in a number of versions, designed to meet the requirements of small, medium, and large photo libraries:


  • Media Gallery - standalone and Media Gallery - Pro, are standalone applications, meaning they run on a single machine and are accessible by one user only. This is more than adequate for many small to medium photo libraries or professional photographers;
  • Media Gallery - network is a true Client-Server application and can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users, either over a Local Area Network (LAN) or remotely via modem or ISDN. It is aimed at the larger stock photo library;
  • Media Gallery - Browser is a separate application that works with MG - Pro and MG - Network. Images are exported from the main Media Gallery database and "burnt" onto CD ROM together with the Browser application. The CD may then be distributed free to clients or other interested third parties. The Browser application will be available to the third party user on the CD, and utilises the same graphical interface, searching, viewing, and download functionality as the main Media Gallery application. The client or third-party user is therefore able to search for and download images directly off the CD. This offers significant marketing and image distribution opportunities to the photo library.
  • Media Gallery - Internet. It is a relatively straight forward exercise to publish an existing Media Gallery database on the internet. Each user tends to have their own requirements for an internet application, particularly with regard to the look and feel of the user interface and the functions that will be available to the internet user. Accordingly, internet solutions are generally custom developed on a case-by-case basis.


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