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Meet-Me H.320 Videoconferencing Solutions for the Mac


Groupe Sagem, a high technology group and a leading supplier of ISDN and videoconferencing products for Macintosh and PC environments, will preview the T.120 standard communication protocol on a Macintosh computer at Telecon, Oct. 29-31, in Anaheim.

This is the first time the T.120 technology will be demonstrated in a Macintosh computing environment with an ISDN line connection.

Groupe Sagem products are already compatible with other videoconferencing systems using the H.320 standard in Windows-based environments. The successful completion of the integration of T.120 technology will allow users in different computing environments not only to share a voice video conference but also to interactively work together at the same time.

The user benefits by the ability to interactively share materials in real time, facilitating communication and decision making processes. Groupe Sagem plans to add the T.120 technology to its H.320 videoconferencing products in 1997.

Groupe Sagem will show its Meet-Me Light and Meet-Me H.320 videoconferencing products and demonstrate interoperability with its Meet-Me PC videoconferencing system. With T.120 technology, users with Macintosh products such as Sagem's Meet-Me videoconferencing products can conduct file transfer and use whiteboard capabilities with other users in PC environments. T.120 will also add multi-point support for whiteboarding and file transfer for Sagem's existing products.

Groupe Sagem offers a full range of ISDN and videoconferencing solutions for the Macintosh computer -- the Planet-ISDN product line (NuBus and PCI cards, the Planet-ISDN GeoPort adapter) and the Meet-Me H.320 videoconferencing product line (Meet-Me Mac NuBus and PCI, Meet-Me PC). Meet-Me Light is the entry level version of the Meet-Me H.320 videoconferencing line.

T.120 Technology

The T.120 technology was developed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and identifies a series of communications and application protocols that provide support for real time, multi-point sharing of data.

Groupe Sagem is a member of the International Multimedia Conferencing Consortium, Inc. (IMTC), a non-profit corporation founded to promote the creation and adoption of international standards for multi-point document and video teleconferencing, specifically the ITU T.120 and H.320 standards suites.


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