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Wednesday April 16, 1997


Mercury Computer Systems Teams With Leading Suppliers To Provide Advanced Media Solutions

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. announced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show many prestigious additions to its list of technology companies participating in the development and distribution of its family of advanced Media Servers. Mercury Media Servers employ an open architecture that gives media product suppliers a scalable solution platform for the broadcast and entertainment markets. All Media Server products, from Mercury and key third parties, are designed for real-time, high-bit-rate sharing of media assets such as video, animation, graphics, and text.

Joining the group of companies providing Mercury-compatible products are Ciprico, D-Vision, Gadzooks, MegaDrive, MountainGate - A Lockheed Martin Company, Montage Group Ltd., Pathlight, Siemens-Nixdorf, and Truevision. Several companies supply major components, and others integrate Mercury Media Servers with their own products. Mercury's AWE-inspired Solutions extend Advanced Workgroup Editing capabilities, including storing and sharing of media, to media artists in multiple edit suites. SuiteFusion(tm) and LiteFusion(tm), Mercury's revolutionary workgroup software, power its MDVS(r) line of hardware servers to optimize productivity and creative expression. With I/O speeds from 20 to hundreds of MB/s, the Media Servers can interconnect up to 80 clients and are compatible with Macintosh and Windows NT(r) client system software.

Mercury is working with Ciprico, MegaDrive, MountainGate, Siemens-Nixdorf, and Storage Computer to provide customers with a range of cost, performance and reliability options for RAID and non-RAID storage. Together with Mercury, these companies help satisfy customers' needs for security, access privileges, and consistent file maintenance. The Media Servers integrate the optimal topology and system configuration for bandwidth allocation and on-the-fly port reassignment, complementing the hub technologies of ATTO, Gadzooks, Pathlight, and MegaDrive.

Mercury's revolutionary Media Server software works with video editing systems from D-Vision, Media 100, Montage, and Panasonic, to enhance the value of a workgroup environment.

"The ease with which Mercury has been able to establish these business relationships and integrate new technologies is a testimony to the open nature of our designs, as well as our business approaches," said Bruce Beck, vice president of Mercury's Digital Video Products Group. "We now have a range of products which enable users to deliver better quality productions in less time and using fewer resources. And Mercury and our distribution partners can fit the best commercial technology available to customers' current and future needs. That includes systems for 480P and 720P."

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. is a technology company specializing in high-performance computing solutions for the broadcast and entertainment, medicaldiagnostics, and government electronics industries. Mercury, with its unique high-performance hardware and groupware software, provides platform products for customers interested in building the most cost-effective networked infrastructure for video imaging and ATV/HDTV.



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