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MetaTools Inc. Introduces Studio Effects


MetaTools Inc. Monday introduced Studio Effects, a dynamic set of 19 new plug-in applications for Adobe After Effects 3.0/3.1 including particle systems, distortion filters, liquid displacement effects, light effects and a multitude of transitions.

Studio Effects offers desktop digital video special effects with complete and interactive control over even subtle compositing details for output to film, video, animation and CD-ROM.

Studio Effects' innovative plug-in, SE Particle World, provides a three-dimensional environment for realistic particle generation and animation within After Effects for the Macintosh environment. SE Particle World offers control over particle behavior and the placement and movement of a virtual camera, and provides visual guides to navigate through 3-D environments.

Designers can easily create animations that actually fly the viewer directly through a fiery explosion, sparkling fountain or stream of glowing golden coins.

MetaTools has two professional digital video plug-ins for Adobe After Effects on the Power Macintosh/Macintosh: industry-leading Final Effects and the new Studio Effects. Studio Effects also supports multiprocessing Macintoshes.

These digital video products feature unique, professional-quality effects for the desktop computer that could otherwise be found only on expensive workstation video editing systems. Both Final Effects and Studio Effects supply professionals with the power to transform basic video compositions into remarkable productions.

``With Studio Effects, we introduce entirely new capabilities, features, power and quality that professionals require and demand,'' said John Wilczak, founder and chief executive officer of MetaTools.

``Adobe After Effects enthusiasts will find Studio Effects to be a serious production tool that offers them new degrees of creative freedom while delivering the professional creative punch that will set their work apart from others.''

The suggested retail price for Studio Effects in the United States will be $695. Studio Effects is expected to be available through Adobe After Effects resellers and MetaTools in late September 1996.


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