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MetaTools Selects Software Support Inc.


Individual Inc. -- Software Support Inc. a leading provider of 24-hour toll-free telephone technical support for personal computers and software products, recently announced a support agreement with MetaTools Inc., the foremost developer of imaging products for graphic design professionals and consumers.

SSI will provide around the clock support to users of Kai's Power GOO, the first consumer product offering from MetaTools Inc. GOO turns pictures into images that feel like liquid on your screen as you stretch, grow, animate, fuse images or apply a host of other special effects in real time. GOO, billed by MetaTools as a "Creative Entertainment Tool," will let you turn Mona Lisa's smirk into a smile, or transform still images into comical, movie-like GOOVIE sequences. All GOOed images can be printed or saved for use on screen savers, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

"SSI has a solid reputation for high-quality, 24-hour toll-free support services," said Joseph Jacoboni, president and CEO of Software Support Inc. "We're pleased to have been selected by MetaTools Inc., a company that is recognized for its feature-rich and unique imaging products. Our experience with support of consumer-level software products is an excellent match for Kai's Power GOO, MetaTools Inc.'s first product aimed at the consumer rather than the professional market," Jacoboni said.

Kai's Power GOO is available for Windows 95 and Windows NT personal computers and Apple and Power Macintoshes. MetaTools Inc. is well known as a developer of software tools and enabling technologies for the creation, editing and manipulation of computer graphic design images. Their products have traditionally been aimed at the professional imaging, design and animation market. Kai's Power GOO is intended to bring a professional level design capability to personal computer users in a friendly and entertaining package.

"Kai's Power GOO gives consumers an immediate creative experience by allowing them to interact with pictures in new and exciting ways on a PC or a Mac," said John Wilczak, MetaTools Inc. founder and CEO. "This product is Funware! SSI, with its solid support system, can provide our users with the consistent, high-quality support that customers expect from a MetaTools Inc. product," Wilczak said.

SSI offers a full range of support solutions for individuals and for all types and sizes of businesses at varying levels of technical complexity. These include the Annual and the 90-Day Unlimited Support Plans, which provide a toll-free number to call for help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. SSI is the only call you need to make for answers to questions on usage, installation, configuration, compatibility and more.


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