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Micron Internet Services Surf-n-Toss Internet Access


Micron Internet Services, a division of Micron Technology, Inc., and the largest direct Internet access provider in Idaho, today announced limited availability of an Internet access and funds management system -- the Surf-n-Toss system. Micron Internet Services will initially offer custom Surf-n-Toss dialup Internet access to students, staff and faculty through Micron Internet Services' exclusive service agreement with Boise State University. Micron is also finalizing custom versions for other Idaho education providers. Micron has designed Surf-n-Toss with the flexibility for use in many Internet access scenarios.

Surf-n-Toss includes commercial Internet access software from NetManage(tm) and Micron's exclusive, easy-to-use Surf-n-Cash(tm) electronic funds. The Surf-n-Toss system is one of the simplest payment methods on the Internet today -- Surf-n-Toss does not require a credit card or a monthly statement. Surf-n-Toss supports multiple usage plans and even allows usage plan changes as the customer's on-line requirements change. Surf-n-Toss is simple, flexible and powerful.

Surf-n-Toss works on a prepay basis. When customers purchase Surf-n-Toss from a retail outlet and register their Internet account, an initial deposit of Surf-n-Cash is posted to their ledger. These funds are then used for Internet access or any other Micron Internet Services product. Each Surf-n-Toss account includes a free email address and 1 megabyte of free Web space. When Surf-n-Toss customers' account balances get low, they may add Surf-n-Cash to their accounts using a convenient account management interface on the World Wide Web. When customers' account balances reach zero, their accounts are automatically canceled after a 90 day holding period. Surf-n-Toss supports Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and Macintosh operating systems.

The Surf-n-Toss agreement with BSU provides eligible individuals with three convenient usage plans: Occasional, with 5 hours of usage per month for a $3 monthly minimum charge; Popular, with 60 hours of usage per month for a $9 monthly minimum charge and; Unlimited, with up to 744 hours monthly usage for an $18 monthly minimum charge. The Surf-n-Toss system available to BSU users may be purchased at the BSU Bookstore starting Monday, August 19 for $54.95 and includes the software licensing fee, account registration and $36 of Surf-n-Cash for either Windows or Macintosh. Additional Surf-n-Cash certificates for $20 may also be purchased at the BSU Bookstore.

The Micron Surf-n-Toss system is also available for licensing by other Internet Service Providers and for use by other colleges and universities. For more information, visit the Surf-n-Toss Information page at


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