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MicroStrategy Announces DSS Web 4.1


MicroStrategy announced DSS Web 4.1. The new version of DSS Web provides advanced AutoPrompt features, self-diagnostics, and on-the- fly international language support.

"The release of DSS Web 4.1 represents a dramatic improvement in the ability of corporations to deploy decision support applications via the web because it removes the technical constraints previously placed on users," said Michael J. Saylor, president and CEO of MicroStrategy. "All knowledge workers in an enterprise, from novices to power users, can now get ad hoc, on-the-fly answers to their specific questions. DSS Web 4.1 is more powerful and easier to use than any product currently available, and it underscores our commitment to provide users with 'anytime, anywhere' answers to their most complex business queries."

DSS Web 4.1 now provides users with full AutoPrompt functionality on the web, with a Java applet employing an easy-to-use wizard interface. DSS Web 4.1 can be deployed to thousands of users who need answers to complex business questions, yet have little or no computer experience. DSS Web 4.1's AutoPrompt interface guides users through each stage of an analysis. With no training, novice users can now create reports that ask sophisticated business questions. For example, a store manager could, on-the-fly, define a question like "show me the stores in California, except for Orange County, which had sales over $100,000 but less than $500,000 on weekends (excluding holidays) for discounted items only, and compare that to last year," without requiring any IT assistance or support.

DSS Web 4.1 also provides DBAs with self-diagnostics and improved error messaging. As web-based applications lead to dramatic increases in size, complexity, and interoperability, DSS Web 4.1's diagnostics provide DBAs with critical information to manage and support these applications. The product reduces downtime by enabling DBAs to quickly identify important issues, such as connectivity misconfigurations or the database connection going down. DSS Web 4.1's improved error messaging provides more detailed information, so problems can be fixed faster.

DSS Web 4.1 now includes on-the-fly international language support for companies seeking to deploy their DSS applications globally. Using DSS Web 4.1, a company can set up projects with different default languages. With the push of a button, individual DSS Web 4.1 users can specify the language to use for their DSS Web interface. This flexibility provides powerful advantages to companies serving the information needs of a broad user base, whether they are distributed throughout the country or around the world.

DSS Web 4.1 is currently in Beta, with a targeted general release data of January 30, 1997. DSS Web is compatible with a variety of World Wide Web browsers and servers including Netscape, Microsoft, Spyglass, and Oracle, running on all major operating systems, including Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, Macintosh, and UNIX. DSS Web 4.1 is available directly from MicroStrategy and its affiliated distributors, resellers, VAR, and OEM partners.


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