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Microtek Lab, Inc. Releases the ScanMaker 35t Plus


Microtek Lab, Inc., is set to release the ScanMaker 35t Plus, its new 30-bit, single-pass, high- resolution slide scanner that offers the power and versatility of transparency scanning, combining premium digital performance and great affordability. The 35-mm slide scanner will be available in August.


- Superior 30-bit performance, allowing the ScanMaker 35t Plus to capture greater image information and yield an optimized palette of 16.7 million colors.

- Dynamic range of 3.0 to 3.1, producing more subtle gradations of color, including lifelike flesh tones.

- High optical resolution of 1950 x 1950 dpi for sharper detail and outstanding image quality. Maximum interpolated resolution is 3900 dpi.

- Scanning area of 36 mm by 36 mm to rival the most expensive slide scanners on the market today.

- Scans in positive or negative film transparency mode.

- Push-button SCSI address switch on the back of the scanner makes SCSI ID selection a breeze.

- A footprint smaller than a sheet of paper and weighing less than 5 lbs. for unmatched practicality and portability.

The ScanMaker 35t Plus can capture an image exactly as it is positioned in the scanner, and operating it is the simplest of tasks. Just drop in a mounted slide, and scan in either portrait or landscape modes. The 35t Plus also lets you scan in either positive or negative film mode, and it comes with a special filmstrip holder for scanning up to six frames of film, securing and positioning images for the perfect scan.

Includes ScanWizard And Other Software.

The ScanMaker 35t Plus packs a good dose of powerful image-editing software, including Ulead PhotoImpact SE and Ulead ImagePals 2 Go! for the PC, and MicroFrontier Color It! for the Mac. All software and documentation is on CD-ROM.

Both PC and Mac platforms will include ScanWizard, the 4-diamond (MacWeek 8/94) scanner controller software. ScanWizard offers a dazzling array of image-editing and advanced image-enhancement features including the following:

- Color tint wheel for changing or adjusting the hues of an image.

- Previews of "before" and "after" image corrections in real time.

- Smoked glass background to mask out irrelevant detail when scanning.

- Filters like sharpen and emboss for special effects.

- Built-in color profile to automatically reproduce colors close to the original.

- On-screen densitometer for precise verification of color information.

The ScanMaker 35t Plus will be offered at $799 (suggested street price).


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