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Apple Delivers More Robust Tools and Features for MkLinux for PowerPC-Based Computers


Apple Computer, Inc. announced that it is making available Developer Release 2 of MkLinux. Based on the Open Software Foundation (OSF) Mach Kernel, MkLinux allows users to run UNIX applications and solutions on high performance Power PC-based products. The DR2 release delivers substantially improved performance and stability, and many features Linux developers and customers have been asking for.

The DR2 release delivers a substantially enhanced tool set including the latest GCC compiler, improved system debuggers, TCL, and source code management tools. The DR2 release will also provide many bug fixes to the DR1 release. Customers and developers should experience substantial performance improvements and greater system stability over the DR1 release.

Apple is making the source code for Developer Release 2 available free of charge on the Apple MkLinux website at: along with snapshots of MkLinux, updates, patches, and late-breaking news. Apple's MkLinux Developer Release 2 CD is available from Prime Time Freeware for U.S. $20. For more information on ordering the CD and special offers, contact Prime Time Freeware at (408) 433-9662, fax (408) 433-0727, email:, or visit their website at: Third parties interested in selling the MkLinux Developer Release 2 CD should contact Prime Time Freeware at (415) 321-2198, fax (415) 321-2199, or email:


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