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Get in The Mood Tonight

Havana Street announced the release of In The Mood, a new collection of 1940s style clipart. All In The Mood images are created by Havana Street, digitized into editable EPS format for Apple Mac and PC.

Havana Street was created in 1995 by illustrators A.J. Garces and Emery Wang. A.J. is a freelance illustrator whose retro illustrations appear regularly in many national publications. Emery is a freelance computer illustrator. Together they have brought the hand-drawn, slightly wacky illustration style of the forties to the desktop, plus injected a little zaniness of their own.

Currently six volumes are available: the In The Mood Mini-Collection, Faces, Office, Transportation, Objects and People. A complete 10-volume CD-ROM is due around September of this year.

Volumes sell for $59-$79, plus $3 shipping and handling. They are available on 3.5" high density diskettes for Mac and PC. Those who purchase the individual volumes can also take advantage of their CD-ROM trade up offer. Whatever is spent on individual volumes can be credited toward the purchase of the CD-ROM, up to the full price of the CD.

The complete In The Mood catalog can be seen on the Havana Street web site at Web visitors can also download 20 Krazy Kids, a free clipart volume only available through the web.

Havana Street, 7200 Chuck Wagon Trail Austin TX 78749 tel: 512-892-6688, fax: 512-892-5609 e-mail:


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