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Motorola Ships First 24OMHz Microprocessor


Motorola's RISC Microprocessor Division announced the pricing and general availability for enhanced versions of the PowerPC 603e(TM) microprocessor running at 240- and 225MHz. The PowerPC 603e marks an industry milestone -- the first 24OMHz volume desktop and portable microprocessor available. These new versions extend 603e performance through the aggressive use of manufacturing process technology. Also today, UMAX Computer Corporation announced and is shipping its newest Mac OS-compatible system, the SuperMac C600/240, with the PowerPC 603e microprocessor at 24OMHz.

"Once again, Motorola is leading the performance curve with advanced PowerPC(TM) microprocessor technology," noted Tom Gunter, vice president and general manager of Motorola's RISC Microprocessor Division. "We're pleased to provide our customers with PowerPC microprocessors on which to base market- leading systems."

With this announcement, Motorola exceeds its previously stated availability goal of reaching 20OMHz by the end of 1996. The PowerPC 603e microprocessor is manufactured using the advanced 0.35 micron process technology at Motorola's MOS 13 semiconductor wafer fabrication facility. Motorola has taken advantage of its sophisticated wafer fabrication technology developed by the Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory (APRDL) to deliver these higher-speed microprocessors. Both APRDL and MOS 13 are located in Austin, Texas.

The high performance and low power consumption of the entire 603e family enable manufacturers to build systems ranging from subnotebooks and laptops to high-performance notebooks and desktop systems.

In Systems Today

Today, UMAX Computer Corp. announced and began shipping its SuperMac C600/240 Mac OS-compatible system, which is based on the PowerPC 603e microprocessor running at 240MHz. Power Computing has announced its PowerBase systems based upon the PowerPC 603e microprocessor at up to 24OMHz. Motorola Computer Group has announced intent to develop systems based on these faster PowerPC 603e microprocessors. Apple Computer also announced its support of enhanced PowerPC microprocessor technology.

"Apple is very pleased with the continuing performance enhancements in PowerPC microprocessors," noted H.L. Cheung, senior vice president and general manager, Macintosh Performa Division, Apple Computer, Inc. "Motorola is continuing to underscore its commitment to the PowerPC architecture and to its customers."

Available immediately, the PowerPC 603e microprocessors are priced at $425 for the 240MHz version and $346 for the 225MHz version, when purchased in quantities of 1,000.


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