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Motorola Computer Group and Informix


Motorola Computer Group and Informix Software, Inc. announced availability of INFORMIX-ESQL/C, Embedded SQL for C , version 7.10, for Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 on the PowerPC platform.

INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server(tm), version 7.12 for NT on the PowerPC will be available in August and INFORMIX-OnLine Workgroup Server is scheduled to be available by the end of third quarter 1996.

The porting of these core Informix products is the result of a strategic effort by Motorola, IBM and Bull to expand porting activity and bring key software applications on Windows NT to the PowerPC platform.

"The commitment of MCG and Informix to bring PowerPC-based software applications to the market will encourage Windows NT application development using PowerPC technology," said Karl Stoltze, vice president PowerPC Applications and Systems Solutions Group, Motorola Computer Group.

"Informix's commitment to the PowerPC, illustrated by the availability of INFORMIX-ESQL, and future availability of INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server and INFORMIX-OnLine Workgroup Server by the end of third quarter 1996, is of particular interest to Bull customers as it reinforces our strategy to offer both Windows NT and AIX(r) on our RISC open systems platforms," said Didier Breton, vice president of Open Systems Platforms at Groupe Bull.

Core Informix products to be ported to Windows NT on the PowerPC include INFORMIX-ESQL/C (now available), which allows developers to access SQL database capabilities, including high-level data definition, manipulation commands and SQL query optimization facilities; INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server, which is designed for both uniprocessor and symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) architectures to deliver breakthrough database scalability, manageability and performance; and INFORMIX-OnLine Workgroup Server, the industry's first complete database solution for developing and deploying client/server and Web/intranet applications across an organization.

"With Informix's core products native on the PowerPC Platform, we are continuing our commitment to meet the needs of our customers by providing a range of platform options," said David Watson, director of marketing, Servers and Connectivity for Informix. "This relationship with Motorola Computer Group represents an exciting opportunity to further expand the range of Informix offerings running on Windows NT and the PowerPC."

MCG's PowerPC Applications and Systems Solutions Group's charter is to accelerate the commitment and availability of key software applications for its desktop systems and servers running the Microsoft Windows NT operating system on the PowerPC Platform. The group is driving porting opportunities as well as fostering the establishment of strategic relationships with industry leaders in support of technical, marketing and sales activities.

In addition to focusing on the Windows NT enterprise market, MCG will support other advanced 32-bit platforms including AIX, the Mac(tm) OS and Solaris(r). MCG currently supports approximately more than 1,000 ISV's in advanced 32-bit platform environments.

Informix Software Inc., based in Menlo Park, Calif., provides innovative database technology that enables the world's leading corporations to manage and grow their business. Informix is widely recognized as the technology leader for corporate computing environments ranging from workgroups to very large OLTP and data warehouse applications. Informix's database servers, application development tools, superior customer service and strong partnerships enable the company to be at the forefront of many leading-edge information technology solution areas.

With the acquisition of Illustra Information Technology's completely extensible database technology, Informix is now positioned as the first information management company capable of meeting the market's exploding need for a sophisticated database engine that combines enterprise scalability, robustness and parallel processing with the ability to store, retrieve, manage and manipulate virtually any kind of rich content data.

Motorola Computer Group is a worldwide hardware and software platform supplier to companies that provide computer solutions. MCG is comprised of three areas of focus: embedded technologies, technical OEM systems and commercial systems. MCG's strategy is to deliver high-performance PowerPC platforms and solutions for AIX, Mac OS, Solaris and Windows NT operating systems for targeted areas such as graphics-intensive applications, multimedia and the Internet.

MCG corporate headquarters, along with regional headquarters for Latin America, are located in Tempe, Ariz. Regional European headquarters are located in Maidenhead, United Kingdom and Hamburg, Germany. European channel headquarters are located in Paris, France. Headquarters for MCG's Asia Pacific region are located in Hong Kong. Information about MCG's products is available on the World Wide Web.


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