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Motorola Introduces New PowerPC-Based, Mac OS-Compatible Systems


Motorola Computer Group today revealed its new StarMax family of PowerPC-based, Mac OS compatible systems.

Utilizing high-performance PowerPC 603e and 604e microprocessors, the StarMax systems offer a strong price/performance advantage, multimedia-rich feature set and an unprecedented five-year warranty.

"It is our goal at MCG to expand the Macintosh marketplace internationally," stated Joe Guglielmi, Motorola Computer Group corporate vice president and general manager. "We know there is a demand for high-performance, quality systems; customers can feel confident that the StarMax systems they purchase meet the impeccable Motorola standards of quality."

While traditional computer vendors typically offer a limited one-year system warranty, Motorola's StarMax line carries an exceptional five-year warranty, the most comprehensive warranty plan in the computer industry. The first year of this warranty provides for on-site repair, followed by a two-year return to an authorized depot and two-year return to factory. In addition, there is 90-day out-of-box telephone support and optional service and support upgrades.

In February, MCG announced its broad licensing agreement with Apple Computer Inc. This agreement allows Motorola to sell, support and service Mac OS (versions System 7.5.x and the next major Mac OS release), PowerPC platform desktop systems under the Motorola brand name. As Apple's first licensee granted sublicensing rights, Motorola may also sublicense Mac OS motherboards and private label systems to the OEM marketplace.

"Apple and Motorola have forged a close relationship under the AIM alliance, further strengthening it with our collaboration to bring to fruition the hardware design used in the new StarMax systems," commented George Scalise, executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Apple. "We look forward to Motorola's StarMax systems entering the Mac marketplace both within the U.S. and abroad and are very pleased Motorola has joined the ranks as a Macintosh compatible provider."

In the enterprise market, the StarMax line complements MCG's new family of Windows NT and AIX servers, also announced today. Together, they provide an outstanding client/server solution in application markets such as workgroup computing, Internet/intranet, publishing and multimedia.

Key StarMax Product Features

The StarMax design takes advantage of the broad array of industry-standard PC peripherals including monitors, keyboards/mice, floppy disk drives, CD-ROMs, hard disk drives and chassis. This unique capability is available on both the StarMax 3000 and StarMax 4000 product lines.

The StarMax family consists of an entry level 3000 series and high-performance 4000 series. Both series offer a choice of desktop and minitower configurations and will be available worldwide. The 3000 series uses the robust 603e microprocessor and includes the 3000/160 and 3000/200 in desktop and mini-tower form factors. These desktops have 256K level 2 cache as the standard, 16 MB standard memory (expandable), 1.2 GB internal storage, Apple ADB, PS/2 keyboard/mouse support and 3 PCI slots.

These features allow the user greater flexibility of choice between Apple and PC peripherals, which may provide investment protection for existing assets. The minitowers offer standard 256K level 2 cache, impressive 32 MB standard memory (expandable), 2.5 GB internal storage and 5 PCI slots. All configurations in the 3000 series include a Motorola 28.8 data/fax modem as well as a software bundle which includes Internet connectivity, office productivity and financial applications, system utilities and additional CD titles valued over $1,000 retail.

The 4000 series incorporates the high-performance 604e microprocessor and includes the 4000/160 and 4000/200 in desktop and mini-tower configurations. The desktops have standard 512K level 2 cache, 2 MB video EDO DRAM (up to 4 MB), 16 MB memory standard (expandable), 1.2 GB internal storage and 3 PCI slots. The mini-towers offer standard 512K level 2 cache, 2 MB video EDO DRAM (up to 4 MB), 32 MB standard memory (expandable), 2.5 GB internal storage and 5 PCI slots.

All StarMax 3000 and 4000 systems come equipped with multimedia features including a 8x CD-ROM with 16-bit stereo sound in addition to a keyboard and mouse.

Systems will be available to the enterprise, small/medium business and small office/home office (SOHO) markets through an extensive network of distribution partners. In China, Nanjing Power Computer LTD, a joint venture company owned by Motorola International Development Corporation and Nanjing Panda Electronics Company, will assemble and distribute Mac OS-based desktop systems for the enterprise, government and education markets.

As announced yesterday, Mitsubishi will be the leading distributor of MCG systems in Japan. Motorola estimates that prices will range from $1,595-2,395 for the StarMax 3000 and $2,395-3,595 for the StarMax 4000 series. Availability is expected within 45 days in the United States and late 1996 internationally.


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