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Version 1.0 of MovieStar Plug-Ins Released for Free, Download here


Intelligence at Large, Inc. released Version 1.0 of the MovieStar Plug-Ins, the best way to view "fast start" QuickTime movies in recent versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Plug-Ins are available for Mac OS, Win95, and Windows 3.1 users.

Netscape and Apple announced the integration of "fast start" QuickTime movie viewing into Navigator 3.0 last week. "Now, we'd like to offer the benefits of `fast start' movie viewing to everyone else browsing the Internet," said Cart Reed, president of Intelligence at Large, Inc. "We've been working closely with Apple to ensure that, with our plug-ins, 99.9% of the people visiting your site can get your multimedia message."

The MovieStar Plug-Ins offer online help, flexible preferences and a powerful pop-up menu for manipulating QuickTime movies. They also have built-in support for QuickTime VR. Over the last six months, users downloaded over 120,000 beta versions of the Plug-Ins for IAL's web site.

In the future, MovieStar Plug-Ins will support cross-platform live video feeds, audio conferencing, and media broadcasting, as part of IAL's partnership with Apple to port QuickTime Conferencing to Microsoft Windows.

About "Fast Start" QuickTime Movies

Unlike almost every other multimedia format, there is no server software to buy. "Fast start" QuickTime files can be placed on any Web server, on any platform. "Fast start" QuickTime movies are not blocked by corporate firewalls or protected networks, unlike other methods of streaming video. Anyone with access to the World Wide Web has access to "fast start" QuickTime movies.


The MovieStar Plug-Ins are available on the Mac OS, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1. They require Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 2.0 and later).

Download the Plug-In.


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