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mTropolis 1.1 Complementary Upgrade for Macromedia Director and Director Multimedia Studio Owners


mFactory, Inc. announced a move to extend the functionality and longevity of existing multimedia authoring tools, by making its award-winning mTropolis 1.1 a complementary upgrade for Macromedia Director and Director Multimedia Studio owners. For a limited time, Director owners may purchase mTropolis through retail stores and mail order catalogs for only $495, a savings of over $700.

Known for its flexible approach to enabling highly interactive titles, mTropolis 1.1 is a valuable complement to developers' existing tool investments. mTropolis and Director tools work well in concert as mTropolis supports playback of any QuickTime or PICS animation files created in Director as well as AIFF, QuickTime or WAV sound formats created in SoundEdit or Deck II. Graphics created in Extreme 3D and xRes can be incorporated into mTropolis projects as well.

"Many of our customers are already using these products to build content for mTropolis," said Rick Jackson, vice president of marketing for mFactory, Inc. "This promotion gives multimedia developers the opportunity to experience how mTropolis can extend their investment to a new genre of compelling, highly interactive titles."

Utilizing this opportunity, Director developers can create sophisticated titles, kiosks, sales tools and games for Macintosh, Windows and Internet platforms using mTropolis as the ultimate integrator. Capitalizing on the object-oriented functionality of mTropolis, developers can build up libraries of reusable assets and behaviors that can also be incorporated into future projects.

Recognized as the most advanced object-oriented authoring tool available for creating and delivering some of today's newest multimedia experiences, mTropolis utilizes a friendly drag-and-drop programming interface that saves time and fuels collaboration between programmers and artists. By combining mTropolis applications with mPire, mFactory's four-phase Internet strategy, developers can deliver these interactive experiences over the Internet and Intranets for shared use, as well as intensify the experience with sophisticated media and effects utilizing hybrid and streaming technologies. This visionary approach is characteristic of mFactory and was recognized early on by the multimedia community's leading developers, including Activision, Rocket Science Games, Cloud 9 Interactive, NoHo Digital and MagicMaker.

This complementary upgrade program to mTropolis 1.1 is available for a limited time only and proof of purchase of Director or Director Multimedia Studio is required. To purchase mTropolis, call 888-622-8669


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