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The Web Multimedia Tour Site


John Faherty demonstrates just about every cool new web technology out there, where to get it, how to configure it, and explains the background of each with extensive links to other resources. You've got to see The Web Multimedia Tour.

According to the author: "The purpose of this tour is to provide you with guidance on these and other multimedia technologies and products, using many of the products themselves, so that you can better understand and assess the available options, both by learning about them, and also more importantly by experiencing many of them first-hand."

"If you want your site to appeal to this large and growing community of multimedia empowered online users, then it's time to get serious about providing well-integrated multimedia content. Many sites have already begun to dress their sites up with multimedia. Perhaps the most significant opportunity to take and hold a leadership role on the Web today, though, lies in taking the next step beyond this, to provide a multimedia environment within which your visitors can communicate, interact, and collaborate, both with you and with each other"


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