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New Accounting Software Helps Users Get Started Quickly & Customize


BestWare, the leader in small business accounting software, continues a tradition of balancing powerful accounting features with ease of use, by releasing M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7 for Windows and Mac OS. M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7 provides a collection of new tools to get started quickly, an improved help system to keep users on track, and comprehensive system customization features so M.Y.O.B. can be tailored to almost every manager's work style.

"M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7 once again raises the bar of what small business accounting software should be," said BestWare's president, Chris Lee. "Not only is M.Y.O.B. easier to set up and learn with new features like the Easy Setup Wizard and multimedia Learning Center, but now M.Y.O.B. can be customized even more to fit user work habits and needs."

Getting started is a breeze with M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7. First, M.Y.O.B.'s Data File Wizard asks straightforward questions about the business, such as name, address and current fiscal year. Then M.Y.O.B. helps users set up their accounting information with starter templates for more than 100 types of businesses, ranging from advertising agency, to dry cleaners, to video rental store. That's it! In a flash, M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7 is ready to help manage a business more efficiently.

For users that want to customize M.Y.O.B. to fit their work habits, the all-new Easy Setup Wizard allows easy access to M.Y.O.B.'s system preferences. Users can set functions as specific as the use of keyboard commands, when data file backup should occur, or larger issues such as controlling the security of confidential information.

To help new users get to know M.Y.O.B.'s advanced features and gain a basic understanding of accounting in general, BestWare has added the Learning Center. This multimedia CD takes the user on a tour of Version 7's features in A Day in the Life of M.Y.O.B., and offers an overview of business accounting called Accounting Essentials. Featuring members of the M.Y.O.B. product team, the Learning Center presents this helpful information in a lively and easy to digest manner.

To keep users on track, M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7's new Help Library is always ready to offer assistance. M.Y.O.B.'s Cue Cards guide users through more than 100 advanced tasks, such as how to account for a vendor who is also a customer. The Procedures Guides explain all the tasks that can performed using M.Y.O.B., including helpful tips, notes and warnings to assist managers as they track their business. Rounding out M.Y.O.B.'s Help Library, the Reference Guides describe all the windows in the M.Y.O.B. system, including the individual fields that appear in each window.

"Don't be fooled by M.Y.O.B.'s ease of use," said Lee. "Version 7 is a serious business management system." Indeed - adding to M.Y.O.B.'s already powerful features, such as automatic real-time updating of accounts and reports, and comprehensive import and export of accounting data, Version 7 includes a direct link to Microsoft Corporation's Small Business Financial Manager, a powerful analysis tool that can be used with Microsoft's Excel for Windows95 spreadsheet program.

Sales features have been improved as well. In addition to the ability to create quotes or estimates and immediately convert them to invoices, or the time-saving advantages of M.Y.O.B.'s recurring invoice and purchase order functionality, Version 7 now lets business owners set credit terms per customer or per individual invoice.

M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7 is available at most computer software retailers and mail-order catalogs beginning early this month. Customers can call 1-800-322-6962 to find the nearest retailer. Estimated street prices for M.Y.O.B. Accounting Version 7 range from $79.95 to $139.95, depending on operating system and payroll option. Customers should visit their local retailer or contact their favorite mail- order company for exact pricing and availability. Previous M.Y.O.B. users purchasing Version 7 will receive rebates between $20 - $40, depending on Payroll option. Customers upgrading from any version of Intuit's Quicken receive a $15 rebate.


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