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Myrmidon v1.0.2 Released


Version 1.0.2 of Myrmidon, the powerfully simple publishing tool, has justbeen released. The freeware version may be downloaded here.

Version 1.0.2 contains the first official release of the HTML Converter plug-in. It contains several improvements, including automatic conversion of images to GIF. The freeware version will convert without restrictions 50 times. After that it will convert a maximum of two pages at a time. The HTML Converter plug-in will work unrestricted with the commercial version of Myrmidon.

Myrmidon may now be purchased on-line from Cyberian Outpost at

Myrmidon 1.0.2 will be demonstratied at the Mactivity conference in San Jose, California, July 14-18. This will be the first public showing of Myrmidon


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