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Nomai New Pricing For 540Mb Drive And Cartridge


Nomai announced today a new pricing and packaging structure on their popular 540MB Drive enhancing its position as the best overall value in removable storage.

Effective immediately, Nomai is offering their compact 540MB external drive, weighing less than 2 pounds, and a 540MB cartridge for the Mac and Macintosh Compatible Computers for an estimated street price of $299, a $60 savings.

Other pricing reductions include:

Internal PC Drive with SCSI card $299 (estimated street price) External PC Drive with parallel or $359 (estimated street price)

Kevin Scheier, president of Nomai USA. said "Our competitive pricing, backwards compatibility to the SyQuest 270 media, and unmatched product strength, clearly makes Nomai the removable system of choice among knowledgeable users, versus the Iomega Zip. The Nomai combination offers state-of-the-art technology, the flexibility of using competitive media, and significantly faster data-transfer times, coupled with a 42 percent cost savings over the Zip product."

The Nomai 540MB Drive and cartridge operates on hard-disk technology .

"We are in constant need of faster, higher capacity removable storage since most of our clients demand graphically intensive presentations in excess of 100 megabytes. Depending on the project size, the Nomai 540 system allows the flexibility of using either SyQuest 270 compatible media or Nomai's 540 cartridges for storing and retrieving everything from text and graphics to sophisticated multimedia applications," said Robert Dietz of Dietz Design in Seattle.


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