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Natural Intelligence Expands Java Training Division Curriculum & Services


In line with its strategy for providing a full array of Java(tm) products and services, Natural Intelligence has announced a dramatic expansion of its Java Training Division, offering a wide variety of on-site and off-site courses of instruction for management and technology workers. Widely acknowledged as a leader in the field of Java development, (including Roaster(tm), the Development Environment for Java), Natural Intelligence is uniquely positioned to offer this exceptional addition to its consulting services.

Up to now, Natural IntelligenceUs Java Consulting Division has offered limited training as an adjunct to its consulting services, but the volume of ongoing requests from corporations and institutions for a traditional teaching structure became the catalyst for the current expansion. The Java Training Division now offers classes for students at all levels, including management personnel who need the information to assess JavaUs potential for directing their companyUs future development. The variety of courses offered have been eagerly adopted by large and small corporations, and are being presented nationwide.

Bob Paige, one of the lead trainers of NIUs Java Training Division, is currently offering RIntroduction to Java TrainingS at Harvard UniversityUs Extension School. He described the enthusiasm for the subject among professional developers as well as students of programming: RThe excitement about programming in the Java language, and the appreciation of the implication for future use in cross-platform development is amazing!S The course has been heavily attended, and is projected for inclusion in the coming semesters.

RThe expansion of the Natural Intelligence Java Training Division with on-site accessibility will give businesses a practical solution to the challenges of keeping current with the pace of Java development,S said Mark Alcazar, Senior Developer and another lead member of the training faculty. RAs an experienced instructor, I am thrilled at the opportunity to teach this complex subject thoroughly, and in a manner which it deserves.

The trainers in this division include an impressive array of NI personnel, including John Dhabolt, Director of Java Product Development at Natural Intelligence, whose reputation as an expert in the Java programming language and as a teacher is widely appreciated. He heartily endorsed the divisionUs direction and organization, noting the benefits of the structure: RThe courses of instruction are customized for each venue, with input from a consultation with our faculty. The participants are given several modules from which to choose the subject matter, taking into consideration the level of their expertise, as well as the extent of their experience. This is a wonderful formula for delivering excellence efficiently Q clearly a critical requirement for people in this field.

Joshua Wachs, President and CEO of the company added: "This is a logical direction for us, and answers the needs expressed by many of our clients and customers. The corporate clients of Natural Intelligence are particularly appreciative that solutions in Java can now be fully supported within the context of their own company. And customers who have purchased our Java development tools are very happy to have the opportunity to have access to the impressive resources and experiences of NI in this field.


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