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Natural Intelligence Support for Netscape One


Natural Intelligence, Inc. announced it has signed a licensing agreement with Netscape Communications Corporation to include support for Netscape One Open Network Environment in its Roaster Environment. At the first opportunity, Roaster developers will benefit Internet Foundation Classes in Netscape One by having the ability to build applications in Roaster that are based on those classes.

"As a key Java tools developer, Natural Intelligence is supporting the Netscape One platform to help ensure that our over 25,000 Roaster users will continue to be on the cutting-edge of Open Internet technologies," said President Joshua D. Wachs.

"Netscape is seeing the emergence of a whole new world of network-based applications that requires a new class of development tools, "said Mike Homer, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Netscape. "Tools vendors such as Natural Intelligence have committed to delivering those next-generation tools for the Macintosh platform. By licensing Netscape One technology, Natural Intelligence and others will be able to quickly deliver the Java-based tools that enterprise developers need to create new distributed applications that integrate with their existing systems."

Announcing support for these key Java-related technologies is the second strategic step Natural Intelligence has taken to advance Macintosh developers by providing cutting-edge Java-related technology in its Roaster development tools. The first step toward this end was the recent licensing of Natural Intelligence's implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (VM) to Apple. Apple expects to integrate portions of the Roaster VM implementation and other Natural Intelligence technologies into the virtual machine that Apple has licensed from JavaSoft(tm) to create a Mac OS Java virtual machine. When asked about plans to incorporate Netscape One Technologies into Roaster, John Dhabolt, Roaster Product Manager, said that "Natural Intelligence has already incorporated early versions of the Java Runtime Interface (JRI) into Roaster and expects to work closely with Netscape on related ventures in the coming months."


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