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Neon Software Brings Protocol Analysis to the Next Level


Neon Software, Inc. announced that version 4.0 of NetMinder® Ethernet is currently being beta tested at a number of sites and is scheduled to start shipping in September. NetMinder Ethernet 4.0, a software-only Ethernet network analyzer, adds a number of new features and expands its already extensive feature set. Among the highlights of this new release are redesigned analysis windows which can be remotely monitored in real-time via the Internet, true automatic name discovery of IP and AppleTalk address names, support for a full range of PC Ethernet cards (used in PowerBook 190 and 5300), and additional protocol decodes for its existing modular "plug-in" architecture. Version 4.0 of NetMinder Ethernet continues to be the most powerful protocol analyzer for use on the Macintosh.

Running native on any Macintosh or Power Macintosh equipped with a supported 10 or 100 Megabit Ethernet interface, NetMinder Ethernet captures and decodes a full range of Ethernet protocols (see the end of this release for a full list of supported protocols). In addition to NetMinder Ethernet's original features, such as Packet Inference, which automatically detects and recommends a solution for many types of Ethernet network problems and Packet Explain, which provides protocol descriptions for all packet types decoded, NetMinder Ethernet allows the user to do packet filtering, post-filtering, and triggering, features previously found only in very expensive hardware-based analyzers.

As the use of the Internet and other forms of remote networking expands, network administrators are spending more and more time trying to optimize bandwidth utilization and to determine the sources of various types of traffic. Version 4.0 of NetMinder Ethernet adds several new features to help network administrators clarify the sources and the specific types of network traffic. Real-time analysis windows now give users the ability to view the most current network information. For the first time, network managers can view their IP, AppleTalk and NetWare traffic patterns and protocol distribution using NetMinder Ethernet's new protocol specific analysis windows. For example, by monitoring the network segment attached to a Web server, NetMinder Ethernet can show the names and IP addresses for everyone who connects to the Web site and the amount and type of traffic they generate. NetMinder Ethernet's new auto-naming feature automatically gleans the name of the machine generating the traffic from the packet data. This information can be automatically saved to an HTML document that updates the data in real-time. This remote monitoring feature allows managers to keep an eye on their network traffic from anywhere and from any type machine, provided it is connected to the World Wide Web.

NetMinder Ethernet 4.0 has many other new features as well as useful enhancements to its existing features. In addition to the automatic naming and the new analysis windows, the ability to assign names to AppleTalk addresses has been added. The filtering and decoding capabilities of NetMinder Ethernet have been expanded for Novell NetWare and for the next generation of IP, IPv6 and ICMPv6. The "Auto begin monitoring on config file opening" option has been added to enhance NetMinder Ethernet's monitoring and HTML capabilities. Now NetMinder Ethernet can be left running all the time with the analysis windows saving to HTML and, if the power goes out, NetMinder Ethernet 4.0 will automatically start monitoring and saving again when power is restored.

Like previous versions of NetMinder Ethernet, version 4.0 continues to support the latest Ethernet hardware including new PC cards for PowerBooks. New Ethernet hardware support includes: Farallon EtherMac PC Card, Asante FriendlyNet PC Card, Newer Technology EtherTech P10 PC Card, Dayna CommuniCard and CommuniCard Plus PC Cards, Global Village PowerPort Platinum Pro PC Card, Apple Duo Doc II Built-in Ethernet, all of Dayna's SE/30 cards, Newer Technology N10 (NuBus) and UltraDock (Duo Dock).

The price for NetMinder Ethernet 4.0 will be $795 and is available through resellers, directly from Neon Software, and internationally through Neon Software Distributors. Free upgrades will be available to all registered users who purchase version 3.3 of NetMinder Ethernet 90 days prior to the shipping date. Users who buy NetMinder Ethernet 3.3 now at $695 will get the free upgrade and save $100 on the price of version 4.0.


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