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NEREUS Fully Integrated, Collaborative Multimedia Publishing System


Vicom Multimedia Inc. introduced its revolutionary multimedia publishing system -- NEREUS(TM), the world's first fully integrated, collaborative development environment for the cost effective production, life cycle management, and delivery of large scale, media rich, high volume multimedia applications.

The NEREUS System is a database driven networked environment that enables simultaneous use and reuse of media assets and application structures. Other system components consist of input subsystems, asset management, multi-site development, multi-user authoring, project management, and output systems.

The system is designed for optimal performance with highly interactive applications that deal with large volumes of dynamic content such as technical manuals/documentation, educational courseware, corporate training, enterprise wide webs (intranets), and high volume title producers.

"For 18 years, Vicom has been a leader in the communication and training industry, pioneering the creation and use of technology-based communication packages," said Dale Hardy, senior vice president of NEREUS, a division of Vicom Multimedia.

"Now we have produced a new technology for multimedia development; one that dramatically transforms what was traditionally a labor intensive craft into an efficient automated mass production and delivery process, a system that reduces both time and cost of developing and managing the entire life cycle of multimedia by 25 to 90 percent."

Database Driven

At the core of the system is a centralized database for the integration of all subsystems, which provides security, integrity, and concurrency across media assets and applications structures. It utilizes object oriented technology for reusable media assets and applications structures.

Input Subsystems

High speed, high volume, automated acquisition of media from most scanners, video and audio sources, digital cameras, and electronic instruments, minimizes training and production time.

Asset Management

Fully integrated, objected oriented media management to provide secure storage, indexing and reuse of media. Drag and drop classification speeds up classification, reduces training needs. The links among assets are virtually unlimited. Additionally, diverse asset query offers faster and easier information retrieval and eliminates the need to search for the file in a directory.

Editing of characteristics means that assets can be given additional characteristics without recapturing and new media assets can be created from existing data.

Multi-site Development

This allows the creation and management of applications and media across a distributed development environment. It is highly scaleable, letting any number of development or delivery stations to be added either locally or remotely.

Multi-user Authoring

NEREUS provides a true collaborative application development environment where multiple authors can work on the same or different applications concurrently. This eliminates many of the major bottlenecks found in traditional authoring tools and dramatically reduces production time and cost. Multi-user authoring also provides real time viewing of applications simultaneously with authoring.

Users can validate content and instructional effectiveness throughout the production process. Also, the same system is used for creation and delivery and on-line applications can be modified without downtime. Other features include reusable application templates and drag and drop authoring.

Project Management

An integrated manager that schedules and tracks production across multiple projects and provides activity-based job costing reports. The NEREUS Systems project management can handle multi-project scheduling, has comprehensive production monitoring to ensure projects remain on time, and activity-based job costing to automate labour-intensive accounting processes.

Output Subsystems

Optimizes CD-ROM or on-line cross platform delivery and works on industry standard network servers and is TCP/IP compliant. The output subsystem can use either PC or Macintosh playback hardware. It is optimized to CD-ROM and compiles the application automatically.

The NEREUS System is available now and is priced beginning at $500,000 per networked site.


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