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Free E-mail With Premium Features Now Available


USA.NET will officially launch the latest version of NetAddress, their free e-mail service that provides subscribers with premium features not found with other free e-mail services.

NetAddress subscribers receive a permanent, portable e-mail address that they'll never need to change. Other unique features of NetAddress include message forwarding, advanced mail retrieval, an event reminder, and content filtering.NetAddress with its premium features is now totally free!

"E-mail subscribers deserve more than just free electronic mail; they deserve free service with premium features without complicated 'upgrade' requirements," said John Street, president of USA.NET. "With our new NetAddress, that's exactly what they get!"

One of the main features of NetAddress is its permanence. Subscribers' e-mail addresses never change, regardless of how many times users change names, jobs, physical addresses, or Internet service providers (ISPs). Like an individual's social security number, a NetAddress e-mail address can remain with a person forever. The easy-to-remember address provides a strong feature as users select their preferred identity such as .

"That sort of stability is important to many consumers in today's quick-paced, rapidly changing world," Street added.

NetAddress also sorts users' e-mail automatically. With its filtering feature, NetAddress allows subscribers to do specific actions with incoming mail based on criteria such as the sender's name or the subject of the e-mail. E-mail can be forwarded, stored or automatically deleted based on the user's preferences.

NetAddress can also collect e-mail from different locations so subscribers don't have to log on to more than one mail server. With this Mail Rover feature, NetAddress allows users to collect e-mail from other providers' mailboxes (for instance, personal e-mail and business e-mail) and collate it at one convenient location. NetAddress users then only have to log onto the Internet once to access all of their mail.

Another major feature of the NetAddress free e-mail service is message forwarding, which allows subscribers to forward their e-mail to as many as five different addresses (personal, business, home, etc.).

"Obviously," Street said, "NetAddress provides subscribers with a great deal of flexibility. Yet, users also enjoy the stability of a permanent e-mail address. That combination of features provides 'added value' that customers really appreciate."

As a web-based e-mail service, NetAddress also provides subscribers with ease of use. No special software is required - users only need a computer, Internet access, and a web browser. With those items, users can access their e-mail from any location in the world. NetAddress is also compatible with existing e-mail programs which operate on the Internet.

"You don't have to download and install e-mail software, or any other programs," Street explained. "NetAddress works with whatever web browser a subscriber has and it works equally well on MAC, PC or UNIX systems.

"It was designed and developed to be very 'user friendly,'" Street continued, "but it's powerful enough to provide all of the advanced features expected of today's e-mail services."

Another unique capability of NetAddress is that subscribers can view web pages directly from their inbox. Their mail can include all the graphics, sound, animation and Java capabilities currently available on the web. NetAddress also recognizes any embedded hyperlinks in mail messages, allowing subscribers instant access to other world wide web documents directly from their inbox.

Street predicts NetAddress will make a huge impact in the e-mail business, a market estimated to include as many as 60 million users this year. Researchers expect the number of e-mail users to reach 200 million by the turn of the century.

"With millions of e-mail users, premium features that provide subscribers with added value will be the biggest winners," Street said. "NetAddress provides that added value and the price is right - it's free!"


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