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Netcom Ships Comprehensive Internet Productivity Package Valued Over $400


NETCOM On-Line Communication Services, Inc. announced the first Internet software package aimed at providing business professionals a comprehensive utility set for productive use of the Internet. Called NETCOMplete, this comprehensive package includes both NETCOM-developed tools and 13 applications from leading industry partners.

"NETCOMplete was developed for people who use the Internet to be more productive in their work and personal activity. These users comprise the core of our customer base," said Scott Wills, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and on-line services. "By partnering with industry-leading software developers to create a comprehensive package, we not only give customers fast, easy access to the Internet, we help make that time more efficient by giving them tools that process e-mail more easily, download information to read off-line, manage graphic files, conduct phone conversations, and more."

Available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, the new software integrates NETCOM versions of popular third-party Internet applications. NETCOM chose these applications and utilities to enhance the productivity and quality of the overall customer experience. For example, NETCOM Unplugged by WebEx, allows users to download any Web-base information for off-line viewing or printing at a more convenient time, while OnBase's DragNet provides a Net address book tool to better manage users' bookmarks. In addition, NETCOMplete incorporates QUALCOMM's easy to use e-mail package, Eudora Pro(R).

Targeted at business professionals and individuals, NETCOMplete is available in two versions to accommodate users who want a basic product to access the Internet and those who prefer a more feature rich offering. With a suggested retail price of $39.95, the full-featured NETCOMplete version is the most comprehensive Internet access software package on the market today with over $400 worth of software including NETCOM versions of the following:

* Netscape Navigator(TM) 3.0 Internet software

* QUALOCOMM's Eudora Pro e-mail application

* McAfee WebScan Internet virus protection (Windows only)

* SurfWatch software, the industry leading parental control product for the Internet

* VocalTec's Internet Phone for real-time Internet voice conversations

* Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files

* NETCOM Unplugged by WebEx to automatically download Web information for browsing later (Windows 95 only)

* Quarterdeck's Global Chat chat software (Macintosh only; Windows IRC functionality in NETCOMplete product)

* Storm Technology's EasyPhoto software to organize, store and enhance photos (Windows only)

* Macromedia Shockwave multimedia and streaming audioplayer

* OnBase Technology's DragNet Internet bookmark manager

* NCSA Telnet for remote access to hosts worldwide (Macintosh only; Windows TELNET functionality in NETCOMplete product)

* IBM Cryptolope(TM) Technology providing digital containers that enable secure electronic commerce over the Internet (Windows only).

This package also includes one month free access to the Internet, free three month subscriptions to NETGuide and Home Office Computing, and NETCOMplete User's Guide and Surfing the Internet with Netscape Navigator 3.0 Guide.

For users who don't want as many features, NETCOMplete is available in a single CD pack without the month of free access, magazine subscriptions, guide books, or SurfWatch. With a suggested retail price of $4.95, this version includes basic or "lite" adaptations of OnBase's DragNet, NETCOM Unplugged, VocalTec's Internet Phone, and Eudora Light(R) by QUALCOMM. The software also includes Netscape Navigator and the NETCOMplete Internet Relay Chat, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Telnet, and Gopher applications.

NETCOM's Internet service is value-priced at $19.95 per month for unlimited access and customized on-line Personal Services, with a first month rate of $5. Personal Services include a variety of offerings that directly address the professional Internet user's requirement for easy access to information that is personalized and focused on their specific interests. Currently, Personal Services includes PersonalPage Web page development and PersonalNews, a customized news delivery, and Personal Investment, investment research and tracking.


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