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AllPen Software Announces NetHopper 3.0 Mobile Web Browser for Newton


AllPen Software, Inc., announced NetHopper 3.0 a full-featured graphical World Wide Web Internet/intranet browser for Newton-based devices.

NetHopper 3.O is a best-selling application for the Apple MessagePad. "The portability of a mobile Newton device combined with the capabilities of the Internet's WWW, will provide NetHopper 3.0 customers with a powerful, pocket sized tool for viewing and interacting with the graphical flavor of the web," said Wayne Yurtin, co-founder of AllPen Software, Inc. NetHopper will connect directly to the web via Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who support PPP/SLIP connections and will work with all third-party communications peripherals supported by the Newton 2.0 and 2.1 operating systems from Apple Computer, Inc.

"AllPen's NetHopper browser is a terrific example of an Internet-based solution for the MessagePad 2000 which takes full advantage of the StrongARM processor's speed and performance improvements," said Sandy Benett, vice president of the Newton Systems Group.

Taking full advantage of Apple's Newton Internet Enabler (NIE), and specifically tuned for the Apple MessagePad 2000 and Apple eMate 300, NetHopper allows users to connect directly to the web using their existing ISP accounts. The forms-enabled graphical browser allows users to view any web page and will support the myriad of web browser features such as off-line forms submission, advanced web page caching functionality, HTML hyperlinks, bookmarking, and web page faxing and printing. Utilizing NetHopper 3.0's improved web page caching capability, users have the option of storing web pages for off-line viewing after the live connection to the Internet has been disconnected.

Intranet users will benefit from the advancement's in NetHopper 3.0's architecture. "NetHopper 3.0 now utilizes a 'componentized' architecture making it easier for Fortune 1000 customers to plug-in custom modules and extend their internal intranet network to their mobile corporate employees," said Tim Harrington, director of Software Engineering for AllPen Software, Inc.

AllPen Software, Inc. is a leading custom hand-held PC and PDA software development firm. AllPen provides vertical mobile solutions to Fortune 1000 companies with a diverse range of needs such as Mobile Intranet, Sales Force Automation, Healthcare, Utility/Outside Plant, Financial, Transportation, and Remote Internet Connectivity.


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