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NetObjects Endorses Apple's HotSauce Technology


NetObjects Inc. announced that it is supporting Apple's proposed industry standard, HotSauce Meta Content Format (MCF), which allows developers to build data access tools that work with any kind of Internet or intranet- based data.

NetObjects will support Apple's HotSauce MCF in NetObjects Fusion, a Web site development tool that combines automatic navigation and linking, professional-quality design, and data publishing features. HotSauce MCF will be first supported in Version 1.0 of NetObjects Fusion for the Macintosh, shipping before the end of the year. Support for the Windows version of NetObjects Fusion will come in the next release of that product.

"Structure is at the core of NetObjects Fusion," said Tom Melcher, vice president of business development, NetObjects. "Apple's HotSauce MCF complements our philosophy that structured information is easier to navigate."

"Apple is taking a leadership role in defining and deploying HotSauce MCF because we want to create new opportunities for software developers at the same time as we make the Internet easier for everyone," said Larry Tesler, vice president of Apple's AppleNet division. "HotSauce MCF plays a role similar to HTML in the industry; as HTML is to the displayed page, MCF is to structured content."

HotSauce Connects Any Kind of View with Any Kind of Data

The HotSauce meta content format is used to represent a wide range of information about content. It can describe information about content included in Web pages, gopher and ftp files, email, and structured databases, allowing Webmasters to make their content available through a variety of views to consumers of the content. HotSauce MCF is both platform and application independent.

In addition to Internet and intranet data, HotSauce MCF can describe data on one's own computer and local area network, thereby enabling seamless integration of desktop and network content, not only in HTML browsers, but in a wide variety of access tools created by software developers operating in an open market.

NetObjects Fusion

People who build Web sites with NetObjects Fusion can automatically generate a standard MCF file to aid navigation. Published sites can contain a link that points to an MCF file that can be read with any MCF-enabled browser.

NetObjects Fusion is the first smart Web site building application that combines automated site-building, professional- quality design and data publishing. NetObjects Fusion has taken the Web development and design community by storm. Since July 29, thousands of customers have downloaded pre-release versions of the product and have used it to build rich Web sites.

These "NetObjects Fusionaries" have hailed the product's elegance, power, and quantum leap in productivity. Product reviewers such as C/NET and TechWeb have called NetObjects Fusion "the king of Web publishing tools," noting that "for graphical development in record time, nothing else comes close."


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