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NetObjects Patent Applications For Web Site Building Application


NetObjects, Inc. today announced that it has filed 15 patent applications for the novel site structuring and page layout features, and overall appearance of NetObjects Fusion&, its Web site building software application introduced last week.

The 15 applications consist of two utility patent and 13 design patent applications. The utility patent applications cover the SiteStructure& Editor, a unique, visual, hierarchical structure editor that adopts a top-down approach to creating, structuring and restructuring pages in a Web site ; and for the PageDraw & Editor, a draw-based layout editor that easily generates Web pages on a "What You See Is What You Get" basis and, for the first time, provides users pixel-level control over elements on standard HTML pages. Applicants for the utility patents include Samir Arora, Gagan Arora, Raj Laxminarayan, Greg Brown, Martin Frid-Nielsen, David Kleinberg and Clement Mok.

The 13 design patent applications cover a series of original designs for computer icons for key Web site building elements such as a site editor, page editor, style editor and so on. Applicants for the design patents include Samir Arora, Clement Mok , Vic Zauderer and Susan Kare. Mok leads NetObjects' world-class design team , is one of the world's leading interactivity designers and has built web sites for leading corporations such as Sony, Harper Collins and QVC. Kare designed the interface for Apple's Macintosh and General Magic 's Magic Cap operating systems.

"It is important for small, innovative companies to take advantage of the patent system to protect the technology advantage that will enable them to win over larger players," said Roger Borovoy, principal at law firm Fish & Richardson, former Intel Corporation general counsel and semiconductor industry intellectual property veteran. " By filing for patents at this early stage, NetObjects is sending a message that it intends to act aggressively in regard to protecting its intellectual property."

NetObjects Fusion is the first smart Web site building software application that integrates automated site building, professional-quality design and data publishing. Since its debut on July 29, the product has received accolades from industry analysts and reviewers for its visual, site-oriented metaphor which makes building sophisticated web sites much easier and faster.


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