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NetObjects Appoints Software Developer as Director of Engineering, Macintosh Products, Mac Version Not Yet Available


NetObjects Inc. today announced that it has hired the original developer of the MacWrite word processing application and employee No. 6 of Apple Computer, Randy Wigginton, as director of engineering, Macintosh products.

Wigginton will report to Samir Arora, CEO, and head up the development of a Macintosh version of NetObjects Fusion(TM), the company's innovative Web site building software application that has won accolades for its visual, site-oriented approach and is currently being used by thousands of users to build sophisticated Web sites easier and faster.

In a review published last week, c/net hailed NetObjects Fusion as the "new king of publishing tools," and a Techweb review mentioned that "for graphical development in record time, nothing else comes close."

Wigginton brings 19 years of software development, engineering management and product shipping experience to NetObjects. He started his career at Apple Computer as the company's first programmer and worked on Applesoft Basic and system software for the Apple II computer. As founder & CEO of Encore Systems, Wigginton developed MacWrite, the standard word processing product that was sourced by Apple Computer, and developed Full Impact, an innovative spreadsheet application that was acquired by Ashton-Tate Corporation. Most recently, as head of the applications group for EO Corporation, Wigginton developed products for the emerging market of pen-based computing.

"NetObjects has been founded to provide site builders better tools that eliminate the tedious aspects of building Web sites," said David Kleinberg, NetObjects founder and executive vice president of marketing and sales. "In NetObjects Fusion, we delivered a visual and aesthetically pleasing product to the Windows community. With Randy on board, we can extend the power of easy Web site building to the Macintosh platform."

"By joining NetObjects, I hope to deliver an outstanding product for the Macintosh that will sustain it as a key platform for Web site development," said Wigginton.

NetObjects Fusion is the first smart Web site building software application that integrates automated site building, professional-quality design and data publishing. A free, pre-release version of the product is available for download from the company's Web site at . A Macintosh version is currently under development.


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