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NetObjects, Apple and AT&T Provide Comprehensive Web Site Building Solution for the Mac, Download here


At a joint Apple- AT&T-NetObjects event for the New York Web community today, NetObjects, Inc. unveiled its award-winning NetObjects Fusion site building software for the Macintosh and announced that it had joined forces with Apple Computer and AT&T to provide Macintosh developers a comprehensive Web site building solution.

Apple and NetObjects are engaging in major co-marketing efforts including tradeshows, seminars and joint sales activities. AT&T will offer NetObjects Fusion for the Macintosh as a site development tool to companies hosting their sites through AT&T Web Site Services, which provides a one-stop solution for creating a presence on the Web. AT&T and NetObjects will collaborate on a series of marketing and training activities to promote NetObjects Fusion.

"By working with Apple and AT&T, we are providing an outstanding combination of hardware platform, hosting service and authoring software for the Macintosh," said Samir Arora, CEO of NetObjects. "By combining our innovative software with the worldwide presence of major companies, we will ensure that site builders get access to a category-defining solution."


"The NetObjects Fusion product is an excellent example of the rich Internet applications that are being developed for the Mac platform," said Larry Tesler, vice president of Apple's AppleNet division. "We expect that a product as well thought-out as NetObjects Fusion for the Mac OS will be of considerable interest to graphic design firms, corporate communications departments and webmasters looking for an ideal Internet publishing solution."

Industry research estimates that approximately 65% of Web site authoring currently occurs on the Macintosh.

"With today's announcement, AT&T is recognizing and embracing the creativity of the Mac development community," said Kathleen Earley, vice president of AT&T Easy Commerce Services. "By integrating this award-winning Mac tool with our Web Site Services, we can provide a robust platform for the most compelling sites on the Web."

Since the introduction of the Windows version of the product eight weeks ago, NetObjects Fusion has won PC MagazineOs Editors Choice award, been declared a category-defining product by ten major reviewers and is being used by thousands of customers to build rich Web sites. Internet powerhouses that actively promote NetObjects Fusion in addition to Apple and AT&T include Netscape, Microsoft, IBM, UUNET and Javasoft.

The suggested retail price of NetObjects Fusion 1.0 for the Macintosh is $695 with an estimated street price of under $500. NetObjects will offer the product at a special introductory price of $495 through December 31, 1996.

Download the 13 meg full version of NetObjects

You can also download NetObjectts from Web site , Apple's Web site . Starting tomorrow, Nov. 13, NetObjects Fusion will be available from AT&T's Web site at .


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