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Farallon Announces Australian Version Netopia ISDN


Farallon Communications Inc. today announced that the Australian version of its Netopia ISDN Router is being demonstrated for the first time this week at the booth of Farallon's Australian distributor, Lidcam Technology Pty Ltd.

The new product is expected to ship in Australia in September, pending regulatory and TS013 Australian approval. The Netopia ISDN Router connects local area networks to the Internet via ISDN, providing a unique combination of shared, easy-to-use, high-performance and cost-effective Internet connectivity.

Lidcam will demonstrate the Netopia ISDN Router in Booth No. 10 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Hall 5, Aug. 20-22.

The Netopia ISDN Router is a universal solution, providing high-speed Intranet/Internet connectivity for Ethernet LANs supporting Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT and MacOS as well as Apple LocalTalk LANs, making it easy to add the routers to an existing network without requiring software or cabling changes.

The product comes pre-packaged with everything needed to install the router and configure a PC and a Macintosh for Internet access. It is an ideal solution for small- to medium-sized organizations or branch offices because of its ease of use, robust security and price/performance.

"Many people are eager to take advantage of the high-speed that an ISDN router offers but are put off by the complexity of its implementation," said Didier Cop, vice president of International at Farallon.

"Using our expertise in developing simple but intelligent products, Farallon is making high-speed Internet connectivity for networks a viable solution for the non-technical user with the Netopia ISDN Router."

Netopia ISDN Router Highlights

The Netopia ISDN Router, which Farallon believes is the most comprehensive mixed-platform solution, includes:

-- Plug and play ISDN routers with broadest LAN capabilities, including two 10Base-T ports, TCP/IP, LocalTalk/AppleTalk support and built-in ISDN BRI (2B channels) with "ST" interface

-- Best optimization of ISDN with Multilink PPP (128K), 4:1 Stacker LZS compression (up to 512K), and flexible connection profiles

-- Automated TCP/IP set up and administration with built-in DHCP and MacIP server

-- "Easy set up" configuration utility

-- Most versatile remote management/configuration with TFTP, XMODEM, and complete SNMP support and PC Card (PCMCIA) slot for remote analog dial-in support and configuration

-- Extensive security including pre-defined IP firewall filter, callback, PAP and CHAP

-- Bundled Internet Starter Kit of leading web browsers and IP stacks

Netopia Enables Internet/Intranet Connectivity

The Netopia ISDN Router enables both Internet and Intranet capabilities. First, it provides shared high-speed Internet connectivity for users on a LAN. It is also the perfect choice for a company wanting to link all its sites and remote users through a company Intranet over TCP/IP and ISDN by using the Internet as a WAN backbone.

Finally, with the Netopia ISDN Router, anyone on a LAN can have complete remote connectivity from their computer to send e-mail inside or outside the organization, access databases from a remote branch site, or simply search for information on the World Wide Web.


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