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Netscape News and Updates Include Netscape Communicator


As you have probably noticed, Netscape has been making a lot of noise lately. At last week's Developer's Conference in New York, Netscape not only announced its 1997 strategy for enterprise customers, but also a wide range of new product offerings to be released in the near future. Because the announcements are so central to the company's future direction, it is important that we ensure that you have all the information necessary to continue effectively covering Netscape...Here's a quick recap of what was announced:

* Netscape Communicator· Netscape Communicator is the integrated suite of client software that provides tools for communication, such as open email and editing; collaboration, using groupware and calendaring; and Web browsing on Intranets and the Internet. Netscape Communicator The suite includes five powerful components that work together seamlessly: Netscape Navigator 4.0 browser software, Netscape Composer· HTML authoring software, Netscape Messenger· electronic mail, Netscape Collabra· group discussion software, and Netscape Conference· real-time collaboration software.

For corporate users on an Intranet, Netscape also announced Netscape Communicator Professional Edition, which adds Netscape Calendar· scheduling software and Netscape AutoAdmin· for centralized user management by MIS professionals.

* Netscape SuiteSpot· 3.0 The next-generation version of Netscape SuiteSpot 3.0 is an integrated software suite of ten server products. Together with Netscape Communicator· client software, Netscape SuiteSpot 3.0 provides an integrated client/server software solution for building and maintaining open email, publishing and groupware solutions on corporate Intranets. There are six servers new to the suite: Netscape Messaging Server· 3.0, Netscape Collabra Server· 3.0, Netscape Enterprise Server· 3.0, Netscape Proxy Server· 2.5, Netscape Calendar Server· 1.0 and Netscape Media Server· 1.0 software. In addition, Netscape recently delivered Netscape Directory Server· 1.0, Netscape Certificate Server· 1.0, Netscape Catalog Server 1.0 and LiveWire Pro· 1.0 development environment.

* Embrace and Integrate Strategy Netscape also announced a strategy to “embrace and integrate” Microsoft technologies on the Win '95 platform--including OLE/COM/ActiveX technologies--in future versions of its client and server software and the Netscape ONE open network environment. This will allow customers to perserve their legacy data while migrating to an open, Internet-based platform.


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