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Entrada! Net Servers


Pictoriuos has built a robust set of fully threaded, customizable servers with built-in server functions all neatly compiled into a single application with a low system footprint, and they are free!

Use Entrada! Net Servers as a drop-in replacement for the standalone servers you're using on a Apple Macintosh. Entrada! Net Servers are easy to setup and maintain and you can configure them locally or remotely.

In addition, Entrada! Nets Servers will come with database connectivity supporting such SQL databases as Oracle, Sybase, Butler, MS SQL Server and dtF. Developers will be able to link applications to existing databases through Entrada! Net Servers.

Included is full support for CGIs but also offer a simpler alternative with our specially designed Agents. Agents are easier to maintain and use than CGIs and they sit integrated in the same application for better performance and lower overhead.

Entrada! Net Servers contain layers of object-oriented code that provide functions across server protocols for security, preferences, logging, threading, scripting and configuring server -- this means lower overhead and fewer maintenance headaches. Entrada! Net Servers also support Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) and database connectivity so you can query, insert, update, and delete database data dynamically via the Internet or corporate intranet.

Switch today from the multiple resource-intensive server applications you're using to a single Entrada! Net Servers application. The transition is seamless. Or, if you're new to the net, use Entrada! Net Servers as an entry-point without the additional overhead of WebSTAR and the complexities of Apple-Event add-ons.

Finally Webmasters and System Administrators have an alternative to the piecemeal approach they've had to take on the Macintosh platform. Combined with Entrada! developer tools, we're providing a powerful solution to meet your needs for rapid development of Internet and intranet applications.

Entrada! Net Servers will be released in June with Web and Mail servers. FTP, DNS, Finger, List and News will be released later this summer. A release for Windows '95 and Windows NT will follow in the fall.

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