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Netxchange Communications Introduces New Java-based Web Client for Internet Xchange For Fax


NetXchange Communications introduced the newest component of its Internet Xchange for Fax Internet/Intranet messaging solution. NetXchange's Web Client enables users of all computing platforms to benefit from Internet Xchange for Fax's innovative Least Cost Routing functionality and intuitive interface. The new dynamic Java-based Web Client allows Internet-connected users, either at the home office or on the road, to send and receive faxes regardless of hardware platform or operating system.

"Businesses today are spending more and more of their telephone budgets on faxes, both intra- and extra-company," said Peter Davidson, president of facsimile industry analyst firm Davidson Consulting. "The Internet provides a new medium for transmitting faxes for these corporations, potentially saving more than half of what they used to spend on traditional analog fax. NetXchange is capitalizing on the Internet for faxing right now. NetXchange's Web Client builds on the existing functionality of its Internet Xchange for Fax software and Internet messaging protocols to bring the product's benefits to users of diverse operating systems and platforms."

Java-based Web Client Pours Added Functionality Into Users' Cups

The company's innovative Internet communications infrastructure is increased by the new functionality of the Java-based Web Client. The Web Client allows companies with heterogeneous hardware platforms and operating systems to benefit from all of the functionality of NetXchange's first products, Internet Xchange for Fax. Available as a free upgrade to all existing Internet Xchange for Fax users, the Web Client will be downloadable from the company's World Wide Web site . New customers will receive the Web Client as part of their Internet Xchange for Fax purchase.

Unlike competitive hypertext mark-up language (HTML)-based programs, NetXchange's Java-based Web Client allows dynamic browsing capabilities and increases the speed of sending, receiving and viewing faxes to users of any computing platform, including Macintosh, Windows, UNIX, NEC and others. Any user who can access the Web, be they on the road or at the home office, will benefit from NetXchange's Internet Xchange for Fax technology through the Web Client. As Java provides a true client/server environment, Web Client users will have the security, multithreaded and multitasking functionality needed for high-performance Internet faxing as well as an innovative graphic interface.

"The new Web Client continues our tradition of bringing users full functionality Internet communications at an extremely low price," said Israel Drori, NetXchange's president. "Our Web Client translates our success in the Windows environment with Internet Xchange for Fax into a platform- and operating system-independent realm."

The Web Client increases productivity both in the office and on the road by enabling the user to send, receive and view faxes from their Internet browser. The Web Client brings the benefits of Internet Xchange for Fax, including true Least Cost Routing, network redundancy and fail-safe reliability, to a platform-independent environment. The product also delivers complete remote management of network servers and message events as well as fax encryption and server authentication for enhanced security. A unique system of icons allows the user to track the status of their fax from their server, over the Internet and to the recipient, in real time.

Internet Xchange For Fax Cashes In On Low Cost Of Internet

NetXchange's recently introduced Internet Xchange for Fax takes full advantage of the company's technology infrastructure to streamline fax communications over the Internet, Intranets and the telephone network. Internet Xchange for Fax is the first application built around a breakthrough switching architecture which encompasses NetXchange's Simple Fax Transport Protocol (SFTP) and Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) as well as central management based on the universal management protocol SNMP. An innovative software solution not to be confused with standard fax server software, Internet Xchange for Fax drastically reduces or eliminates fax transmission charges for corporations using their Intranets and enables service providers (SPs) to offer cost-effective, value-added messaging services to customers. The product reduces the cost of a fax to that of a local telephone call.

For example, a business person on a trip in Japan needs to fax a 30-page document back to the home office in San Francisco but does not want to pay the $3.50 per page the hotel charges its guests to send faxes. Instead of searching for a printer at the hotel, paying to print the document, paying to fax the document, and having it visible to the eyes of any hotel staff member walking by, he or she can connect to the Internet via a call to the local ISP, can access a NetXchange server over the Internet via the Web Client, and can then fax the document, without the hassle or cost of conventional analog fax.


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