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HP's New Printers Offer 8 Ppm Speed, Improved Graphics & Wireless Printing Capability


Hewlett-Packard introduced the HP LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers, the first in HP's LaserJet 6 Series printer family. The new printers, which replace the LaserJet 5P and 5MP printers, offer significant performance enhancements at lower prices than their predecessors. The printers are expected to sell for (Local price).

The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers combine low cost, unparalleled ease of use, and compact design with fast 8 page-per-minute (ppm) print speed, wireless printing capability, high-quality 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) output, and versatile paper-handling capabilities. The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers also feature easy, intuitive set-up and operation, eliminating the need for customers to rely on expert help for printer installation and operation.

"The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers are ideal for small work teams in budget- sensitive small businesses and offices," said Debbie Williams, Consumer Products Marketing Manager for Europe. "The printers allow customers to produce high-quality, professional looking documents quickly and provide more productivity and flexibility than lower-priced, entry-level laser printers."

The LaserJet 6MP printer offers the same functionality and benefits as the HP LaserJet 6P printer, plus support for Macintosh and Windows PostScript environments. Its flexible paper-handling capabilities and high-quality graphics output make the LaserJet 6MP printer ideal for desktop publishers and graphics professionals who need a PostScript printer with impressive output and support for a variety of media.

Wireless Printing

The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers include built-in infrared (IR) technology for simple "point-and-shoot" wireless printing, making it easy for customers to print directly from notebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs without having to first transfer their files to a PC with printer access or connect their mobile PC to a printer.

The new printers feature a fast wireless printing data transfer rate of 4MBps -- a ten-fold improvement in infrared speed over the LaserJet 5P and 5MP printers -- that approaches the data transfer rate of standard parallel port connection.

HP offered the industry's first wireless printers with the introduction of the LaserJet 5P and 5MP printers in March, 1995, and continues its leadership in infrared printing technology through its participation in the Infrared Data Association (IrDA), an organization of over 100 industry leaders dedicated to developing industry standards for IR interoperability.

Performance and Image Quality

At a print speed of 8 pages per minute (ppm) the LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers bring printing performance to small workgroup's desktops, that in the recent past was reserved for large departmental offices. Supported by a faster RISC processor, the print performance of the LaserJet 6P and 6MP has increased by 33% compared to the LaserJet 5P and 5MP, allowing small businesses and offices to achieve the business productivity they need.

To deliver high-performance of particularly complex graphics, the LaserJet 6P, which is designed for use with IBM-compatible PCs, comes equipped with HP's PCL 6, HP's next generation printer command language. HP PCL 6 offers modular object-oriented commands, designed to take full advantage of today's graphics-intensive applications. PCL 6's modular architecture allows new features to be added easily so that upcoming printers can meet customers' needs as workplace conditions change.

The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers offer true 600 x 600 dpi resolution with HP's Resolution Enhancement technology (Ret). This technology, along with HP's microfine toner, provides crisper text, finer lines, "blacker" blacks and more detail to deliver superior image quality. The printers' advanced halftoning capabilities produce photo-like images and smooth gray tone transitions.

HP's Memory Enhancement technology (MEt) virtually doubles the LaserJet 6P's available 2MB standard memory to print even complex pages and scanned images at true 600 by 600 dpi in base memory. The printer also includes 45 built-in scalable fonts (10 TrueType, 35 Intellifont) and offers an additional 65 TrueType scalable fonts on disk for Windows.

The LaserJet 6MP printer includes Adobe PostScript (tm) Level 2 software to support Macintosh or mixed PC/Mac environments. It has 3MB standard memory, effectively doubled through Adobe Memory Booster technology (AMBt), and includes 35 built-in scalable Type 1 fonts, with an additional 75 TrueType scalable fonts on disk for Windows when using PostScript.

The LaserJet 6P and 6MP mark a further step in Hewlett-Packard's continuing investments into the five core categories of laser printing benefits, Compatibility, Reliability, Image Quality, Speed and Paper handling, abbreviated as CRISP. Printers across all industries are compared by these categories of benefits. Hewlett-Packard's focus ensures, that the LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers continue to provide the right value to customers.

Paper Handling

The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers offer versatile paper handling capabilities to make it easy to print even on custom media sizes and heavy paper stock. The printers have a total input capacity of 350 sheets, with a 250-sheet lower cassette tray and a 100-sheet multipurpose input tray that allow the user to switch between plain paper and specialty media -- such as company letterhead, envelopes, labels, card stock or transparencies -- without changing paper trays.

A straight-through paper path, enabled by opening the rear output tray, allows customers to print wrinkle-free envelopes, reduces curl for card stock and assures that labels that won't peel off their backing sheets inside the printer.


The LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers are upgradable and come with industry- standard SIMM slots. These slots can be used for additional memory, other printer languages or customizing options available from HP and other third- party vendors. The printers are upgradable to a total of 50MB and 35MB, respectively.

For easy sharing by small work teams (or multiple computing devices by a single user), the LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers include two fast ECP IEEE 1284-compliant parallel ports (one large, standard B-type; one small, new C- type connector), one LocalTalk port, an IrDA-compliant infrared port and automatic interface switching among all ports.

The high-speed, bi-directional parallel ports of the LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers also allow for direct network integration when used with HP's JetDirect EX external print servers (Ethernet or Token Ring). These servers support multiple protocol stacks and over thirteen network operating systems, such as Novell NetWare, IBM LANServer, MS LAN Manager, MS Windows NT, MS Windows for Workgroups, UNIX and EtherTalk.

Environmental Features

The HP LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers have earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star designation for low power consumption. Unique in their class, both printers have an instant power-save mode that allows the printers to drop to their lowest-possible power-consumption state (5 Watts) immediately after printing a job. In addition, HP's patented instant-on fuser technology eliminates warm-up time to deliver fast first- page-out. The benefit for the office is a lower electricity bill without any sacrifice in performance.

Other environmental features include packaging and manuals made of recycled and recyclable materials. All plastic parts in excess of 100 grams are marked for recycling. HP toner cartridges can be recycled through HP's recycling program. The new printers have a maximum supported duty cycle of 12,000 pages per month.


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