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New WWW MacOS 7.6/ 8 Website


Han-yi Shaw is author of a new web site created solely to focus on future MacOS releases. Sahw states that "The goal of my site is somewhat different than other Copland sites. Rather than only providing information regarding the upcoming MacOS releases, my web site is aimed to provide constructive suggestions and comments regarding future versions of the MacOS."

The site, at its current state, consists three main links. The first,is a letter which Shaw wishes to direct to Apple's MacOS Development Team arguing that Apple needs to incorporate certain elements of the MacOS 8 interfaces next release.

The second and third link from my main page are two conceptual designs for the purpose of providing concrete examples of what is included ub his the letter to Apple.

Shaw states that "all three links should be regarded as containing a central point or theme and should be looked at together."


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