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New Sony 24-Inch, 22.5-Inch Viewable Image Superwide Display with Calibration System, Support for Mac


Sony Electronics recently announced its GDM-W900 24-inch (22.5-inch viewable image size) display at COMDEX 1996.

Sony's 24-inch display includes Digital Multiscan +Plus technology providing a 30 percent greater work area than Sony's standard 20-inch display. The display has a 16:10 aspect ratio and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200.

The announcement reinforces Sony's commitment to providing the highest-quality display technology to imaging and graphics professionals. Maintaining its leading market position in the high-end color display segment, Sony also announced today that it would bundle Light Source's Colortron color calibration and characterization solution with the GDM-W900.

Sony's new super fine pitch 24-inch display (22.5-inch viewable image size) makes its debut in the wide-screen marketplace by delivering images with precise, automatic distortion correction across a continuous range of scanning frequencies as well as providing an advanced degree of user control.

Specifically designed for demanding graphics and video development applications, the GDM-W900 will benefit professionals working with engineering, virtual prototyping, animation, desktop video, post-production, computer-generated art, pre-press, virtual reality, software development, financial charting and scientific and medical visualization.

Providing a 22.5-inch diagonal viewing area and usable screen area of 18.7 inches wide by 11.7 inches high, the GDM-W900 will enable users to view two full-size 8.5 x 11-inch or two A4 (European Standard) pages side-by-side. In addition, users can view an extensive spreadsheet in its entirety, plus a tool bar and other desktop icons.

"Any corporate or small-business professional who spends long hours looking at a monitor, or often scrolls from page to page, will easily see the bottom-line advantages of having a 24-inch Trinitron display," said Michael Fox, marketing manager for Sony Information Technologies of America, a divisional company of Sony Electronics.

"The ability to clearly view two pages side-by-side or modify large graphically intensive layouts is a must as the demand for advanced graphics and digital video content grows."

Based on a precision Trinitron tube with a variable 0.25mm to 0.28mm aperture grille pitch, Sony's GDM-W900 wide screen display incorporates a newly developed tungsten-infused cathode-ray gun which provides consistent performance and superior focus over a longer period of time than previous gun designs.

This new technology effectively doubles the beam density from .5A/cm2 to 1A/cm2, while reducing beam spot size from 0.43 to 0.30, providing 30 percent better beam spot size and dramatically increased clarity and accuracy.

Sony's super-fine aperture grille pitch precisely aligns the electron beam for unprecedented color purity and clarity.

The Trinitron tube also incorporates a new blue color filter technology which improves light transmission by 23 percent and increases contrast by 8 percent for enhanced overall picture quality.

The GDM-W900 incorporates Sony's Advanced Digital Multiscan +Plus technology delivering images with precise, automatic distortion correction across a continuous range of scanning frequencies, as well as providing an advanced degree of user control.

Digital Multiscan +Plus enables users to make basic adjustments in "standard" mode or precise adjustments to color/brightness and contrast, moire, color temperature, image centering and sizing, convergence, geometry and other parameters in "expert" mode. Automatic landing, rotation and color temperature correction are calibrated using magnetic and color temperature sensors.

To further ensure color accuracy and fidelity, Sony will bundle Light Source's Colortron's Color System color calibration and characterization solution with the GDM-W900.

This system includes Colortron II, a 32-band measurement device that captures color from reflective, transmissive and emissive surfaces; ColorShop, software designed for the manipulation and communication of color; and the SpectroCalibrator, which calibrates the monitor. The Colortron II Color System combines the functionality of a spectrophotmeter, a colorimeter, a densitometer and a monitor calibrator into a single device.

As part of Sony's commitment to true platform independence, at launch the GDM-W900 display also will be supported on the Macintosh platform by a custom engineered Integrated Micro Solutions TwinTurbo TT128M8-S 8MB graphics accelerator board. The Integrated Micro Solutions board will be sold by Sony as a separate bundle. Currently, the display will be supported on the PC platform by boards from Integrated Micro Solutions, Diamond Multimedia, ELSA, Matrox and Number Nine Corp.

The Sony GDM-W900 is expected to ship in January 1997 and will have an estimated selling price of $4,999.


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