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New Web Site Dedicated To Playing Cool Sports Games!


MacSPORT is an early development phase, but there's quite a bit of information there and much more to come soon. Their goal is to "be the premier online resource for sports gaming on the Macintosh."

Currently on the site are product reviews and listings in time for Christmas with more being added soon, including articles about the Mac and its future in relation to sports gaming, "and maybe even an interview or two."

If you have been annoyed at the relative lack of sports games for the Mac, the author of the site Marc Vose, would like to do something to change this. The site contains a survey to gauge the interests and demographics of the Mac market.

Vose beleives that by maintaining "statistics about what real interest there is out there in Mac-Land for sports games, we can better inform developers."

A note to developers: we've set up a form specifically for you as well, so you can easily announce products for listing on the site. All we ask is that they be sports-oriented. And feel free to give us comments about the site in general; we've tried to give easy access to your online materials as well in our reporting and reviewing.


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