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Newton Programming Courses Offered By Apple


With the early success of Newton 2.0, now is the time to take advantage of the Newton 2.0 Developer Training offered through Apple Developer University. This training will cut learning and development time while providing the expertise needed to write useful and powerful Newton 2.0 applications.

2 class offerings are available, both of which last 5 days from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm; October 21 - 25, and December 9 - 13, 1996. Cost of the class is $1500. Experience in developing a complete application in an object-oriented programming language and basic familiarity with the use of a Newton MessagePad is a prerequisite. Because of the complex technical level of the material to be covered, non-programmers are not encouraged to attend this course.

"Newton Programming: Essentials 2.0" Learn how to write, test, and debug fully-functional Newton 2.0 applications using Newton Toolkit 1.6 for Windows and Macintosh, NewtonScript, and NewtApp. Students will spend much of their class time doing hands-on development and debugging, and will have continual access to a qualified and accomplished instructor. Any programmer with object-oriented development experience is welcome to attend the Essentials 2.0 class.


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