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Newton's Reflex Released Shortcut Utility For The Newton


Casady & Greene, Inc.released Newton's Refle, a powerful shortcut-utility for the Newton Personal Digital Assistant. Newton's Reflex was written by Kevin Fox.

Newton's Reflex is a productivity tool that will save time - every time the Newton is used. By accessing the product's task menus, or by creating personally-customized menus, a user can simplify complex jobs and drastically reduce the time needed to perform many common Newton tasks. Users can place all their frequently used applications, such as the Styles Palette or Pocket Quicken™, in one of three easy-to-access menus.

Newton's Reflex menus can also contain frequently-used "Actions" or shortcuts to cut down on performance time. The product ships with 44 pre-set shortcuts and users can customize their own. Shortcuts perform tasks in a single tap that would otherwise require complex multi-taps. Some common actions include Beam my Card, Connection via Appletalk, Go to last note, New Meeting, Receive Beam, Print Queued Items, and many more.

Third party developers can create their own "Actions" or shortcuts to work with their programs. The actions that ship with Newton's Reflex are based upon applications and system services found in every Newton device, but Newton's Reflex is completely expandable. New actions can be loaded at any time which can be application-specific.

Terry Kunysz, President of C&G, states, "The product will greatly enhance the quality of the users' experiences with the Newton. The Newton simplified our lives; Newton's Reflex simplifies the Newton."

Requirements: Newton OS 2.0 or greater, less than 100k memory Suggested Retail Price: $39.95.C&G; will OEM Reflex with other 3rd party, system integrators and solution providers.


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