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Apple Releases Beta Newton Connection Utilities for Mac OS on Internet, Download here


Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the posting of Newton Connection Utilities (NCU 1.0 Beta) for the Newton 2.0 Operating System on the Internet. The Beta MacOS version of Newton Connection Utilities is available at the Connection Utilities page.. The Windows OS version is coming soon.

Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) is a complete software package for moving information between desktop/laptop computers and the Newton hand-held computers running the Newton 2.0 operating system like the Apple MessagePad 130. Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) is also compatible with the Apple MessagePad 120 running upgraded Newton 2.0 OS.


NCU features include easy synchronization, importing/exporting of files, keyboard pass-thru enabling, backing-up/restoring data and installing software. NCU works on all major operating systems: Mac OS, Win'95, Win 3.1, and Win NT.

NCU allows the transfer and updating of information from schedules, contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, meetings, notes, to-do list, etc.

NCU is compatible with these popular software applications and formats:

Mac OS-based computer

Windows OS-based

Now Up To Date 3.0/3.5

Ecco 3.03

Now Contact 3.0/3.5

Lotus Organizer 2.1

Now TouchBase 4.01


Now DateBook 4.01

Sidekick for Windows 1.0

Plain text (import only)

Plain text (import only)

Delimited text

Delimited text

Rich text format

Rich text format

Claris Organizer 1.0

Sidekick for Windows 2.0

Microsoft Word 2.0/6.0/7.0

Microsoft Schedule+ , Local File


"NCU gives the mobile person freedom, power and flexibility," said Cami Hsu, Product Marketing Manager in Apple's information appliance division. "With NCU, the user has choice--which data to synchronize and how the data fields will appear." "NCU is powerful because it allows the importing/exporting of files and the synchronization of data with a variety of popular PIMs (personal information manager software) on both Mac OS and Windows OS."

The Newton Systems Group of the Information Appliance Division of Apple Computer, Inc. is a recognized innovator and industry leader in hand-held computing. Apple Computer, Inc. is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

Download the beta Newton Connection Utilities.


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