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New Newton WWW Site


A new Newton site called NewtonCentral with daily news and information on Newton hardware and software. In addition to the daily news the site contains a search engine that searches exclusively through newton related sites as well as a Newton Wish page where you can post your wishes for the future of the Newton.

Some of our recent news items that you can find nowhere else are a very detailed listing of the important points discussed in the telecom call that announced the Newton to the US media and an English translation of the Swedish Macworld article that came out just days before the American anouncement. With the help of readers like you we will be able to continue to bring you exclusive daily news about the Newton.

For Halloween (today) NewtonCentral's appearance will be completely changed..

The site is being run on an Apple 7600/132 using WebSTAR, Maxum's arsena and is accelerated with Firesite, being served over a 33.6 modem and you reportedly can't tell.


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