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New Zip Tools for Macintosh, Download here


Iomega has updated two of the software tools for the Macintosh . They've replaced a version of DiskDup Pro with an Iomega-developed package called CopyMachine for Macintosh. CopyMachine provides simple-to-use disk copying capabilities -- whether you have one or several Zip and Jaz drives!

For keeping track of your stuff on your Zip disks, we have replaced Virtual Disk with our unlimited file tracking program called FindIt for Macintosh.

Soon to be released for download is FileMatch for Macintosh. FileMatch will allow you to take your stuff on the road, or from work to home, and then automatically update your hard drive with the new stuff when you return. Forget about keeping track of what is new and old, FileMatch ensures you are always using the latest version when you move folders between two Macs.

Download the new tools.


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