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Students Score With NFL Math Bowl Seek Victory On The Road To The Super Bowl, Prizes From Apple & Others


Combining basic mathematics with football-for-fun, students from 47 schools in nine cities across the country have kicked off competition in the second annual NFL(TM) Math Bowl. Using an educational CD ROM to enhance the math skills of grade schoolers and encourage their participation in creative and challenging classroom activities, students will be provided the opportunity to compete for their class, as well as school, during this unique nationwide program which runs through the first week of December.

"Using sports as a metaphor for learning is an exciting way to involve children in developing their math, reading and other skills," said Charlotte Walker, president of Sanctuary Woods Multimedia (VSE: SWD), the San Mateo, California based company which created NFL(TM) Math and publishes award-winning children's educational software. Copies of the NFL(TM) Math program used in the competition were donated to the schools.

In NFL(TM) Math Bowl, students participate in a series of games called the Road To The Super Bowl, a computerized gridiron using real football terms and actual football plays. While passing, punting, running and scoring, the second edition of NFL(TM) Math shows the student 'players' how math applies to their everyday lives within the context of football.

After choosing a play for their team, students will then answer a math question based on official NFL statistics and actual facts. By accurately answering the question, participants will successfully execute their choice of play as they increase their chances for victory. A wrong answer, however, will result in a poorly executed play, impeding the team's opportunity to win.

Underlining their commitment to motivating youngsters aged 8-12 in the classroom, Players Inc., the marketing arm of the NFL's Players Association and NFL Properties, have joined forces to co-sponsor the highly popular NFL(TM) Math Bowl. A variety of stars from the NFL will aid the launch of this program by being on hand at various participating schools.

"Players Inc. takes education very seriously and we are proud that our players are willing to serve as inspirational motivators and role models for these young students," said Pat Allen, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Players Inc.

Howard Handler, vice president/marketing of NFL Properties, the licensing, marketing and publishing arm of the 31 member clubs of the league, said, "NFL Math provides an excellent opportunity for kids to tie their love of football and natural competitive spirit into a worthwhile educational program. The NFL(TM) Math Bowl provides an exciting interactive vehicle to communicate the league's educational message right in our team communities."

The NFL teams participating include the Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Winners from this year's competition will receive prizes from a number of sponsors that have joined together to help promote learning: Adobe, Apple Computer, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Castrol Oil, Coca Cola, Electronic Arts, McDonalds, Sports Illustrated for Kids and Topps trading cards.


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