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Nomad Development Ships WebDBC for Mac OS


Nomad Development Corporation today began shipping WebDBC for Mac OS, a Web/database application development tool. WebDBC now offers true scaleability by supporting a broader range of computer platforms and the ability to access relational databases on an array of computer systems. Providing higher performance than traditional Apple(r) CGI (Common Gateway Interface) or Perl based tools and enabling multilevel security, WebDBC is targeted at production oriented Web sites. It is available directly from Nomad and through key VARs, for US$595.

"The ability to develop on one platform and then field on another, gives most Web Developers flexibility they only dreamed about previously," said Morgan Belford, president of Nomad Development Corporation. "Most of our customers work in an environment that have a mix of OS platforms and they want to use the "best of breed" tools, now they can, whether it is Macintosh, Intel, Alpha or Sparc. WebDBC is by far the most powerful and best performing product designed for production Web systems."

The need today is for tools that support the extension of existing Clie nt/Server databases. To accomplish this, a Web/database development tool must meet certain minimum requirements to be used in a production environment:

Enhanced Security WebDBC continues to offer the most sophisticated security features on the market. Providing per-database, per-table and per-operation level security. Competing systems provide only an all-or-nothing access security system.

Distributed Database With WebDBC running on the Macintosh, you can communicate with any ODBC database on the same computer, or on other; Macintosh, Windows, Unix or mainframe computers. This distributed structure gives you access to your existing libraries of information and enables your system to grow with your needs.

Advanced User Interface Using your existing Web page builder, you can directly enhance the interface to match your style or embed other functions or applets like ActiveX or Java.

WebDBC is available on Mac OS System 7.0.1 or later versions. WebDBC also supports Windows NT, Windows 95 and is in beta for Sun Sparc Solaris. It is available for US$595 for an unlimited user license for the server. WebDBC Developer software can be downloaded free from Nomad Development Corporation's Web site


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