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Monotype Licenses Professional Publishing Solutions to Lexmark International


As part of a new initiative to bring their professional desktop publishing expertise to OEMs and software developers worldwide, MonotypeTypography, Inc. has produced a CD ROM for Lexmark International which contains a robust suite of consumer and business software applications.

Bundled with the Lexmark Color Jetprinter 2050, the Lexmark Workshop CD features seven exciting Windows programs, including three software titles from the Monotype Maker series (Monotype T-ShirtDesignMaker, Monotype GreetingCardMaker and Monotype CertificateMaker).

``Monotype brings its expertise to the consumer hardware and software community by teaming our Maker brand software with complimentary products like the Lexmark Color Jetprinter 2050,'' said Bill Davis, vice president of business development for Monotype. ``By working closely with our partners to create tailored desktop publishing solutions, we can offer an unprecedented combination of product performance and customer service. Monotype T- ShirtDesignMaker is one example of our commitment to this goal as it uniquely fulfills Lexmark's demand for custom software to make colorful T-shirt designs for output onto Lexmark's special iron-on transfer material, while taking advantage of the Jetprinter 2050's powerful features.''

In addition to the creation of this new product for Lexmark, Monotype organized the third party products on the Lexmark Workshop CD, developed the user interface software, and pre-mastered the CD. These are just a few of the many services Monotype offers in its range of turn-key solutions for software and hardware developers.

Also bundled with the Lexmark Jetprinter 2050 are two other products from the Monotype Maker Series, a software series devoted to simplifying the creation of specific documents and projects. Monotype GreetingCardMaker (MSRP $29.99) enables users to create personalized cards for popular holidays and events. Monotype CertificateMaker (MSRP $29.99) allows users to create impressive achievement awards and other types of certificates.

``We are impressed by Monotype's versatility. They were able to operate as a desktop publishing software provider, software developer and a CD-ROM production house,'' said Chuck McNulty, Lexmark's vice president for U.S. personal printer sales and worldwide marketing. ``By leveraging Monotype's solid OEM presence and technology development capabilities along with Lexmark's strength in the printer productivity market, we're setting a new value and performance standard that will drastically increase users' demand for fully integrated printing solutions.''

In addition to Monotype T-ShirtDesignMaker, Monotype GreetingCardMaker and Monotype CertificateMaker, Monotype offers other customized software applications to their OEM customers that can enhance desktop publishing and productivity applications. Additionally, as the leading OEM typeface supplier, Monotype has licensed fonts to Adobe, Apple, and HP, among others.


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