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Novations Group Selects Apple as Business Solution


Novations Group, Inc., a Utah-based business-consulting firm, recently turned to Apple technology to increase its productivity. Novations Group is dedicated to helping Fortune 500 clients create a competitive advantage by embedding strategy in the structures and processes of the organization, as well as each employee. Because their business was expanding rapidly, Novations required a client/server solution offering high-performance, flexibility, and dependability.

Apple Mac PowerBook computers have contributed to the company's success by providing its consultants full productivity both on the road, and with a cross-platform network in the office. With the PowerBook, Novations consultants are able to produce extensive reports and powerful presentations for their clients - on the spot. If their client requires additional information from the Novations office, the consultants are able to remotely access those resources from servers using Apple Remote Access (ARA).

At the Novations office, an Apple Workgroup Server 8150 houses presentations, reports, client surveys, plans, and other client records. Consultants can collaborate by keeping team documents in a single folder on the server accessible to any member at any time. The server communicates via Macintosh IPX, across a Novell Netware network running ethernet, to client machines. The server also is used to house e-mail, which it sends to a Macintosh with a modem, that actually mails the messages. In the office, there is a mixed- computing environment; software developers use PCs for programming, while business consultants and support staff use Apple computers for their work.

Novations' Systems Administrator, Steve Lemmon, found that mobile computing is virtually trouble-free using Apple technology. Steve is from a PC background and has found the transition to an Apple technology environment remarkably easy. Training time is so minimal, according to Lemmon, that newly hired employees can be productive after only a couple of days.

The use of Power Macintosh technology helps employees keep up with their workload. Lemmon estimates that Power Macintosh has increased productivity by 50 to 60 percent.


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