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Now Software Provides Web Calendars for EventSource


Now Software Inc. announced that EventSource, will offer Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher to automatically create and maintain World Wide Web calendars for the 3,000 facilities showcased on their Web site, including Yankee Stadium in New York and the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.

EventSource supports an online business community of more than 70,000 event planners, promoters, facility and show managers who are responsible for purchasing over $10.2 billion worth of products and services annually. EventSource contains a wealth of information including directories of more than 8,000 facilities, industry professionals, products and services and more than 9,500 trade shows, as well as industry news, forums and bulletin boards-all of which are fully indexed and searchable through databases.

"It wasn't a difficult choice to select Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher as a solution for our online services," said Brian Langer, president of EventSource. "It takes significant programming effort to offer thousands of the most current special event schedules and auditorium listings in easy-to-navigate viewing formats. With Now's Web Publisher, our visitors get convenient access to the time information they need, and we save a tremendous amount of time and effort in presenting it."

"Now Software and EventSource are redefining the way the event industry gets access to calendars on the Web," said Duane Schulz, president and CEO of Now Software. "No longer confined to just searching and viewing trade show and convention schedules and directories, visitors to the EventSource Web site are free to drag-and-drop event and location detail off Web pages directly into their Now Up-to-Date on the PC or Macintosh, which makes this information even more useful."

Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher

Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher automatically generates and maintains familiar calendar and address book pages with no HTML (hypertext markup language) programming. In addition to viewing published calendar and address book pages on the Web in familiar formats, users can drag-and-drop that information into their personal Now Up-to-Date calendar and address book on their desktop or laptop PC or Macintosh. When information is dragged from the Web, the Web location (URL) of the publisher's page is automatically appended for quick navigation back to the source.

Now Up-to-Date for Windows and Macintosh

Now Up-to-Date 1.5 for Windows and Now Up-to-Date & Contact 3.6 for Macintosh include exclusive Internet features. Both versions of the popular time and contact manager allow users to integrate selected public information from the Web into their personal calendars and address books. From a Netscape browser, users can drag-and-drop single calendar or address entries, or entire categories, into Now Up-to-Date on their desktop or laptop-without typing a thing.


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